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January 18, 2021

Cyber-attack alerts multiply in Romania

Cyber-attacks seem to have exploded in Romania lately. There were 78 such attacks last year, 80% more than in 2013, according to the President of the Centres for Security, Crisis Management and Conflict Prevention Studies, Alexandru Groseanu. ‘This unseen war is a very serious one. Sensors of our local or international partners picked up over 78 M alerts for attacks made from Romania-based IPs’, CERT-RO Director Augustin Jianu said, according to ‘Bursa’.

‘Romania is every day under the attack of hackers organised in black hat structures abroad and even in the country. The targets are public institutions, private or public companies, banks’, Jianu added.

According to the CERT-RO official report, in 2014, more than half (54%) of all alerts received concerned inadequately shaped, unsecured or vulnerable IT systems that offered various insecure services on the Internet, used by attackers for hiding identity and launching cyber-attacks on other targets.

The National Centre for Response to Cyber-security Incidents (CERT-RO) is an independent organisation of expertise and R&D in the area of cybernetic structure protection, coordinated by the Ministry for the Information Society and fully funded by the state budget.


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