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April 17, 2021

Emil Ion, General Manager Wim Bosman Romania: “We desire that Wim Bosman Romania will become a hub of strategic importance in Europe”

Mr. Ion, Wim Bosman is member of the Mainfreight group, a global Supply Chain Logistics company. Please detail for our readers the structure of Wim Bosman activities in Romania. What are the most important?


Wim Bosman Romania is providing full logistic services, known as 3PL+, which are compiled in integrated solutions for storage, transport and distribution. The transport services are designed for European forwarding, meaning groupage, express, part and full truck loads across Europe, container trucking or special transportation (dangerous goods). With its own distribution network, Wim Bosman is shipping goods all over Romania, from single pallet until part or full truck loads. Wim Bosman Romania is providing value added logistic services due to its more than 15.000 m2 warehouse in Ploiesti, including preassemblies, repair, labeling, packaging, after sales and quality examination services. The company has a strong focus on supply chain management due to its knowledge and engineering tools made to offer a custom built solution. Wim Bosman provides supply chain services to companies from oil/gas industry, FMCG, automotive, consumer electronics etc.


Of which year did you start your business in Romania?


Wim Bosman was founded in 1992 and is a Romanian-Dutch joint venture, founded in Romania in 1992 as Dijkman Ion Transport in cooperation with the company Dijkman Transport B.V. from the Netherlands. As of 1999, both companies joined the Wim Bosman Group. In February 2006 the name Dijkman Ion Transport changed into Wim Bosman.`


Do you think that the business environment in Romania is friendly, is attractive?


I think that Romania is still a land of opportunities for the ones that want to start a business here but it is obvious that de business environment needs more support from the government and the local authorities. There are several programs designed to encourage the young entreprenours but we need more stability within the financial and fiscality environment, better fiscal policies that will suit both the government and the companies.


What are the shortcomings of the business environment in Romania to be more favorable for foreign investors?


I think one of the first reasons why the foreign investors are reluctant to do business in Romania is the poor infrastructure. The insufficient highways and the poor condition of the local roads are reasons for the investors to be more precautios when making business in Romania is intended, as well as the instability of the fiscal field. Recently, the government intended to tax allowances granted to drivers of transport companies, a measure that would have bankrupted many companies within the transportation field. Fortunately, the measure was blocked but it was a clear sign that stability, predictability and a legislation in the benefit of all are highly needed.


What are Wim Bosman’s projects for 2015 and following years on the Romanian market?


For this year, we have planned to invest 1,2 mil. euros in specific projects that aim to bring added value to our clients and to grow with them. We plan to renew the fleet, equipment and to increase the existing storage space capacity by 25%. Furthermore, we desire that Wim Bosman Romania will become a hub of strategic importance in Europe and to offer better added value services to its clients.


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