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April 15, 2021

Joint Bulgarian-Romanian government session:Romania, Bulgaria have bigger chances to succeed in all regional and European projects if together

Prime Minister Victor Ponta stated on Thursday in Craiova, at the beginning of the joint Bulgarian-Romanian government session, that the two countries have better odds at success if they stand together, reaffirming that the possibility of entering the Schengen Area will become a reality if the two states work together.


Biggest mistake would be to let ourselves pushed in Romania-Bulgaria competition


“Romania and Bulgaria competing with each other would be a mistake, mentioning that only together will the two countries be stronger and more respected by international partners,” Ponta  told a press conference with Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borisov (photo R) , at the end of the joint meeting of the two Cabinets that took place in Craiova.

“Since the first meeting we had three years ago we have appreciated the fact that Prime Minister Borisov is a very pragmatic and efficient person. That is exactly how the relation between our governments and between us will be. We have both learned one thing following the years spent as Prime Ministers: that the biggest mistake is to let ourselves be pushed in competition between Romania and Bulgaria. In fact, we will be more powerful and more respected by all our partners if we are together as we are today”, Ponta added.

The Romanian Prime Minister said that the two countries have together “very important projects in several domains,” related to regional development, transport and energy infrastructure.

Furthermore, he requested the ministers present at the joint session to set up meetings and deadlines for joint projects.

“I want to thank especially Prime Minister Borisov, with whom I know very well that we agree on concrete and pragmatic projects, and I want to ask all the ministers to set up meetings, set deadlines for the projects that we have and to speak of a matter that I want to consider the most important of this meeting: I believe that Bulgaria and Romania have far better chances of succeeding in all the projects if they stand together, if we are separated we have very little chances, if we are together we will also enter the Schengen Area, we will fulfill the conditions of the  Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), we will have trans-border infrastructure projects, we will collaborate as we collaborate within NATO, all the things that we do together are more successful than those done separately. It is the main message that I want to send through the meeting today, to say that we have agreements on various domains, but the most important is the personal relation between the members of the cabinet and the fact that you were able to discuss and will continue to discuss about how to implement these projects together”, said Ponta.

After the end of the session, the two Prime Ministers have signed several documents: The convention between Romania and Bulgaria regarding avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion regarding income tax, the Intent Protocol between the Ministries of Economy of Bulgaria and Romania, the protocol between the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria and Romania in the domain of radio communications, the cooperation plan between the Health Ministry of Romania, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, represented by the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations  (IGSU )and the Health Ministry of Bulgaria regarding cooperation in the domain of pharmaceutical policy and medical situations, as well as a joint statement regarding regional cooperation in the realm of energy.


PM Borisov: I am urging ministers of Bulgaria, Romania to defend our joint border


Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Friday said the joint meeting of the Romanian Government and the Bulgarian Government on Friday in Craiova saw the signing of various agreements against smuggling and human trafficking, while he asked Romania for support on defending their joint border.

“We have signed agreements to fight against smuggling and human trafficking. We can feel Romania’s support under Frontex, because all tension will now come through Bulgaria’s borders after we saw what happened in the Mediterranean. So, I am urging the ministers of Bulgaria and Romania to defend our joint border through shared efforts,” said Borisov quoted by Agerpres.

The head of Bulgaria’s Government also said Romania and Bulgaria can better defend their interests in Brussels when they act together.


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