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October 22, 2021

King’s Day: Holland turns into a sea of orange

April 27, King Willem-Alexander’s birthday is the biggest national event in Holland. Everything and everyone will turn  orange and celebrate on King’s Day. Open-air festivals, live music shows, fairs, street markets and parties will be  organized throughout the whole country in an orange-pride atmosphere.

Even the Dutch Royal Family will go on tour to be received by one or more Dutch towns for an entertainment-filled day. Amsterdam will transform into the nation’s biggest orange party town, The Hague is preparing  an electric Koningsnach or King’s Night with dozens of music performances in the city centre, and Utrecht will boast the biggest flea market in Holland.

As all the Dutch people in the world, the Dutch community in Romania will mark the King’s Day through a series of events and special celebrations. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will host a reception on April 24th and also the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce  (NRCC) will organize a special flagship event with a large participation.  The  birthday of King Willem Alexander will be celebrated in Dutch Style through a dinner during which 300 top level guests will enjoy Dutch specialities, and through a party for the Dutch community afterwards. These events are aimed to share the Dutch culture with the Romanian community and celebrate the warm relationship between the two countries.

On February 13, Romania and the Netherlands celebrated 135 years of diplomatic relations.

“Bilateral relations between the two countries were uninterrupted during this period, constantly and substantially evolving, and being characterized by solid economic cooperation and constant political dialogue.Romania and the Kingdom of the Netherlands share a common vision where by belonging to the European and Euro-Atlantic space a solid basis is created to enhance and diversify bilateral cooperation, based on trust and similar values,” shows a release of Romania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, Romanian-Dutch diplomatic relations were built on the basis of traditional trade connections, the Kingdom of the Netherlands having become one of the most important foreign investor in Romania, with a more than 8 billion euro investment in over 4,602 companies with Dutch capital. Economic exchange reached a peak of approximately 3.5 billion euro in 2014.

Official recognition of Romania’s independence on 24 January 1880 opened the way to establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. On 13 February 1880, King Wilhelm III of the Netherlands wrote the following to King Carol of Romania: “As a friend, I ask of your Majesty to be convinced that I too am driven by the wish to develop and enhance the relation of friendship and understanding that already exists between our two countries.”

The Romanian people has always harbored a feeling of admiration toward the Dutch people. The great Romanian historian and politician Nicolae Iorga wrote on Dutch hospitality in his travel notes: “I have been so well received there (…) that I felt obliged (…) to speak of this country which is so helpful to us (…) and at the same time of the people which is so nice by its morals and its long-lasting cultural tradition(…)”. It is again Nicolae Iorga that wrote on “how the land of the Netherlands was formed”, and that “the Netherlands is an extension of the European continent toward the sea, an extension of land which fades away into the sea, but is reclaimed back from the sea”. Thus, the first representative of Romanian Humanism, Nicolaus Olahus, was a distinguished member of the Humanist group in the Netherlands and exchanged extensive correspondence with Erasmus of Rotterdam, a prominent figure of the Renaissance and Reform period.

“All this constitutes proof of a complex and dynamic relation and represents a basis for enhancing the connection between the two countries,” shows the Foreign Ministry’s release issued on February 13.



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