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May 16, 2021

New plagiarism allegation brought against Premier Victor Ponta

Prime-Minister Victor Ponta is again being accused of plagiarism. This time by PNL politicians who have reacted to the assumed appropriation by the Government of a draft law initiated by PNL. The trick was discovered by the journalists with gandul.info who states that, the day it issued a negative opinion on the Liberals’ initiative, the Government copy-pasted its text into its own bill it then sent to Parliament.

Actually, on 11 June 2014, several PNL MPs starting with Senator Crin Antonescu tabled in the Senate a draft law doubling the compensations paid to the victims of the Communist regime. The bill was kept in the drawers of the various Parliament committees for 5 months. On 3 November, the day after the first round of the presidential election PSD President Victor Ponta had participated in (qualifying into the runoff), his Cabinet issued a negative opinion. ‘Given the forecast of macroeconomic indicators in the current economic context, as well as the commitments Romania has made under existing agreements with international financial institutions, the proposed measures cannot be accepted’, reads the document signed by Victor Ponta himself. The same day, the Government was submitting to the Senate a draft law, signed by the same Victor Ponta, the text being almost fully copied from PNL’s, the only difference being the sums of compensations.

The two bills were put on the Senate agenda the same day and, supported by the parliamentary majority led by Victor Ponta, the copied draft was adopted (on 15 December). PNL’s bill was postponed until February and… was also adopted, as gandul.ro states.

On 11 March 2015, the copied draft was also adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, the law was promulgated by President Klaus Iohannis and published in the Official Journal on 2 April, to become effective on 1 July 2015.

‘They broke parliamentary rules which are very clear: where there are two or several draft laws on the same subject, they are debated on together and only one resulting from a combination of all is adopted. (…) I believe there was an abuse concerning PNL’s legislative proposal which, I repeat, preceded the bill of the Government and that the constitutional right of legislative initiative of the members of Parliament  – PNL’s in this case – was blocked’, PNL MP Ioan Tamaian, one of the initiators of the original bill, told the quoted source.

The prime-minister was concerned in another plagiarism scandal when the Bucharest University accused him of cheating when writing his doctoral paper and asked for the withdrawal of his Ph. D. title in Law.


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