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April 12, 2021

Romania offers experts to EU’s Frontex border guards agency

Romania could send upon request experts to Frontex, the European Union agency that manages the cooperation between national border guards, President Klaus Iohannis declared on Thursday evening, after the extraordinary meeting of the European Council; he said solidarity was needed with the states around the Mediterranean Sea facing immigration problems.

Iohannis reminded the last weekend’s tragedy, when a ship full of immigrants sunk in the Mediterranean Sea and nearly 1,000 people died, days after another similar incident where 400 lives were lost; it was the main topic of the Council, he stressed quoted by Agerpres.

The President pronounced himself in favour of increasing Frontex’s budget and mentioned that Romania was already seriously involved in the agency, but could send more experts if asked.

According to him, medium and long-term solutions to illegal migration require working on its cause, namely the poverty in Africa.

“I have underlined the extreme importance of discussing this matter with the African and Arab countries, to find the best solutions,” Iohannis said, quoted by Agerpres.

He announced that several hours of talks in the European Council produced a public document focused on strengthening the border control, on fighting the human trafficking, on preventing the illegal migration flows, and on strengthening the solidarity and responsibility within the EU.

The Council also addressed ongoing actions and ways to extend and improve them, but there was no mention of a mission in the Mediterranean.

In the President’s opinion, offering asylum is a very sensitive issue, as there is no specific European legislation; voluntary actions of member states are necessary to find ways of relocating and re-settling immigrants entering the European Union through many routes.


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