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October 28, 2020

Basescu certain Elena Udrea will not snitch on him

Traian Basescu is certain Elena Udrea will not snitch on him. In a phone call on B1TV on Friday, the former president suggested that investigators are keeping Udrea under arrest in order to obtain a complaint from her.

At the same time, the former president stated that a lot of persons are being asked by National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors whether they know anything about him, pointing out that he has information in this sense.

“A lot of people are summoned at the DNA and are asked: but do you know something about Basescu? I have information in this sense. People that gave such statements in front of the judge, in court. The fact that people are asked by prosecutors whether they know something about Basescu,” Basescu said.

Former president Traian Basescu also talked, during the same phone call, about the speculation according to which he was allegedly involved in Omar Hayssam fleeing the country.

Basescu said he had nothing to do with that, explaining that such speculations are “served to the people” by the “lowlifes” who fear the fact that Omar Hayssam has returned to the country.

“Returning to the issue you are discussing, you have to know a thing that I kept revolving in my mind until the end of my term – how did Omar Hayssam manage to flee the country. A part of the mechanism, from Constanta to Syria, was discovered, the question is with whose support he reached Constanta. I asked: do we have a recording of the surgery that Hayssam underwent in the penitentiary? (…) I asked: has a sample been taken from his pancreas. There is nothing. For me it was always a mystery and I have to admit that back then I took it indiscriminately. (…) Considering that during the years in which our services monitored him in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, he never showed signs of disease, considering that a man with an operated pancreas and… (…) Now it is fashionable to try to pin things on Basescu. (…) I am telling you two simple things. If I were involved in taking Hayssam out of the country I would certainly not have been able to sack the Attorney General and the heads of the intelligence services, and I certainly would not have brought him back. Because that operation had the highest political endorsement. This (is) nonsense served to the people by all kinds of lowlifes who are part of those who tremble on Hayssam’s return to the country,” Basescu stated.

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