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January 20, 2021

DNA expands case against CNA President Laura Georgescu

National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors have expanded their case against National Audiovisual Council (CNA) President Laura Georgescu on Friday, by including the charges of malfeasance in office and instigation of forgery, after they identified new cases of television channels that were sanctioned on the basis of false data.

Laura Georgescu is accused “of instigating, from 2013 to 2014, the drafting of false notifications, in order to record broadcasts that came under the scrutiny of the CNA plenum and that resulted in television channels being fined.”

“CNA President Laura Georgescu, possibly seeking various interests of a personal nature, or tasked by juridical entities from the audiovisual domain or by persons that hold various public offices, forced several CNA public servants to compile notifications that contain false data, and subsequently supported the said false notifications by starting administrative procedures that resulted in 7 televisions channels being fined, some of the channels repeatedly.

“In the case of the identified notifications that concern the 7 television channels, the false data inserted concerned the identity of the person that filed the notification (first name and last name, address, contact details etc.) and even the time the notification was received. Within the content of the notifications were inserted the infringements that CNA President Laura Georgescu deemed a sufficient argument in favor of subsequently fining the television channels concerned, even though in some cases the infringements were older and fell within the general statute of limitations period (6 months),” a DNA communiqué reads.

According to prosecutors, after they were drafted “these notifications bearing false data were printed and registered as if they had been received by the institution’s email, despite the fact that they were obviously not sent by email, however this was the manner in which Laura Georgescu was maintaining the appearance of legality.”

“Another aspect that resulted during the criminal probe was the fact that in the case of some of these false notifications the moment they were drafted and registered preceded the actual time when the broadcast in question took place. In these conditions, it is obvious that the modus operandi was to browse the TV guide, pick what show could be fined and proceed to drafting the notification, however out of negligence the hour was not modified and the hour in which the notification was drafted remained in place, which, as pointed before, was prior to the time of the broadcast.

Investigations continued after the previous expanding of the criminal probe (as informed on April 2). In this context, some of the television channels that were fined as a result of the overtures made by the CNA President, namely by suspect Georgescu Laura, on the basis of the notifications forged at her instigation, have offered valuable information for the investigation.

New forged notifications promoted by suspect Georgescu Laura and which resulted in fines were identified based on the data offered by television operators.

Finally, taking into consideration the crimes presented in communiqué number 662 issued on April 2 and the ones presented here, suspect Georgescu Laura has been further charged with two counts of malfeasance in office and instigation of forgery, concerning the forged notifications on which the fining of 7 television channels was based,” the aforementioned source points out.

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