PSD Senator Alexandru Cordos suspends himself from the party based on DNA accusations

PSD Senator Alexandru Cordos, criminally investigated for influence peddling, besides his daughter and wife, who is presently under arrest, quit all positions he had held in the party. The Member of the Parliament declared on Saturday that he did not intend to involve PSD in his “legal” situation.

According to a press release issued on Saturday by the communication office of PSD Cluj, PSD Senator Alexandru Cordos announced that he was resigning from all positions held in the party until his legal justice is cleared up by justice, the Mediafax correspondent reported.

“I am suspending myself in order not to involve PSD in the legal situation I will set straight in Justice. I trust Justice”, Senator Alexandru Cordos had declared, according to the press release.

Senator Alexandru Cordoş was the Vice-President of the PSD Cluj subsidiary, but he also led the Social Policies and Labour Force Occupation, Equality of Chances and Family Department of PSD Cluj.


President of PSD Cluj-Napoca: Self-suspension might be a gesture of collegiality


Previously, according to Agerpres, the President of PSD Cluj-Napoca, Deputy Aurelia Cristea, declared that Senator Cordos risked being expelled from the party.

PSD Senator Alexandru Cordos, accused of complicity to influence peddling, risks being cast out of the party, President of PSD Cluj Napoca, Deputy Aurelia Cristea declared, according to Agerpres.

“Everything is possible, including self-suspension, suspension or expelling. All of them may be completed”, Aurelia Cristea outlined.

The leader of PSD Cluj appreciated that Alexandru Cordos would make a gesture of collegiality if he did self-suspend from the party.

“It is a gesture of collegiality I think Mr. Senator will take into account, yet, at the time being, I did not have these discussions neither with him, nor with other members of the organization, because all of it happened too fast. (…) At the time being, all of us will evaluate things, to have the complete picture on the conditions of integrity we assumed regarding our members”, Aurelia Cristea declared.

PSD Cluj spokesperson Horia Nasra declared on Friday to the Mediafax correspondent that the Permanent County Bureau is required to reach a decision related to Senator Alexandru Cordos, based on accusations brought against him by DNA, as it was possible that the Senator might be suspended from the position of Vice-President of PSD Cluj until the inquiry is completed.


Mihaela Cordos, Senator Alexandru Cordos’ wife, arrested for corruption deeds. The decision is not definitive.


The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) decided on Friday, at the proposal of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), to issue a 30-day preventive arrest against Mihaela Lucia Cordos, Senator Alexandru Cordos’ wife, accused of continued influence peddling, Agerpres reported.

The decision is not definitive and may be appealed.

Mihaela Cordos, together with her husband and their daughter, are legally prosecuted in the file that required DNA to perform searches at the County Hospital in Cluj.

Senator Cordos’ wife promised to gain jobs as substitute teachers, jurists and nurses for eight persons, in return for certain sums of money.

Mihaela Cordos and Andreea Alexandra Cordos, the wife and daughter of the PSD Senator, are legally prosecuted on 26 accounts of gaining material benefits from influence peddling and three accounts of influence peddling, while the Senator is accused on five accounts of gaining material benefits.


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