Kovesi talks about her personal life: I know the jokes about me, that I drink tears of corrupt politicians instead of coffee. I am amused, but I am a normal woman

The Anti-Corruption Head Prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi talked, in an interview for ELLE magazine, about her private life and about the person Laura Codruta Kovesi, besides the position she has at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA).

The Head of DNA declared that she was amused by the jokes made at her expense, which, she openly admitted, were quite numerous. From sites dedicated to jokes about the iron woman to Facebook pages, the entire Internet abounds in jokes, one more amusing than the other, about the way Kovesi “stirred terror” among corrupt politicians.

“I have met recently with Sova. He asked me whether he was being followed. I only told him that the guys nicknamed him Suleyman (highly successful TV series of massive audience, editor’s note)” is merely one of the parody quotes circulated on the Internet and attributed to the Head of DNA.”

Kovesi was frequently the target of Internet jokes, yet, as the DNA Head Prosecutor admitted, people who know her realize that she is a regular person.


Do you ever think about the fact that you are the most feared woman in Romania?


Laura Codruta Kovesi: I do not think this is the situation… I know that there are many jokes circulated in the public space about me. There is a website specialized in jokes that ran an article saying that I do not drink coffee in the morning, but tears of corrupt politicians, that I do not dye my hair with hair colouring products, but with the blood of corrupt politicians, and that somebody wanted to offer me a March amulet on March 1 and that I refused to accept it, because it had no receipt, and that I arrested him.

I am amused to read such things, but I think that people who know me and get in touch with me realize that I am a regular person. I do not have three heads, nor five hands, nor supernatural powers, nor a magic wand. I am a person like any other person, a woman just like any other woman my age.”


Is it hard to maintain a balance between work and your private life?


Laura Codruta Kovesi: In the position I hold right now, it is. An advantage, if I may call it so (because it is, at the same time, a disadvantage in my personal life) is that I have no children  or a husband. And, therefore, I am free of many of the everyday tasks of a mother and a wife; which provides me more time for my job. Therefore, I could not say it is a balance, but I think that, at this time, I hold a very important position and I have to focus and use all the energy I have in order to complete my attributions. For me, right now, the career is much more important than my personal life.

There are many people depending on me, it is an institution that evolves or devolves depending on the decisions I assume and this is my priority. Obviously, there are moments, such as those on Sunday, when you wish to have a family, children and a different environment. Yet, each time, I think that I have a mission to accomplish right now and this is much more important.”


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