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October 21, 2020

Reunion of the year: Cristi Minculescu joins IRIS

Famous Romanian vocalist Cristi Minculescu will join his former colleagues in the band Iris for two concerts besides soprano Felicia Filip, scheduled on May 22, in Cluj-Napoca, and on May 23, in Targu-Mures.

“We initiated contact with a few German musicians and founded the band Lotus, we restarted contact with Nutu Olteanu, founder of the band Iris and, together with two Swedish musicians, we founded what was named a super-group, and more recently I founded by own band, including younger, and highly talented musicians: Rares Totu (guitar), Seby Yo (bass), Cosmin Farcas (keyboards) and Catalin Cioarga (drums), along with whom I am performing the most concerts (for the near future, we have scheduled concerts in Bucharest, Iasi, Suceava, Botosani, Bacau, Targoviste, Campina, Sinaia and others)”, says Cristi Minculescu, who has recently moved to Germany.

He points out that he was delighted by the opportunity to meet on the same stage with his former Iris band colleagues and Felicia Filip. “All of us will try our best to provide the audience the memorable moments they want. We are impatiently waiting for the encounter with the wonderful people in Cluj and in Targu Mures and he hope to have such special occasions with music uniting us as soon as possible!”, Cristi Minculescu also declared. On his turn, Nelu Dumitrescu, leader of the band Iris, declared that he, as well as the other band members, Valter, Boro and Relu, are happy to share the stage again with Cristi Minculescu, “the voice that has always granted a brand to the band Iris”, but also with Felicia Filip, “a genuine personality of music”.

“We are determined to do everything we can in order to satisfy the expectations of our audience, who has sent us a lot of signals that he wished to restart these collaborations, and we will be delighted to answer the proposals coming from the event organizers. On the other hand, we will maintain our habit to encourage younger vocalists (as it happened with Tony Seicarescu and, more recently, with Rafael), whom we will provide the opportunity to sing along with us. We are considering young people who gained notoriety at talent competitions, and more. With the same joy, we will invite friends and collaborators to join us: Paula Seling, Dan Bittman and the great artist Maia Morgenstern, with whom our performances will become increasingly complex, but as direct as they were until now”, Nelu Dumitrescu declared.

The band Iris appeared in 1976, and the initial lineup included Nutu Olteanu (guitar, vocals), Emil Lechinteanu (bass guitar) and Nelu Dumitrescu (drums). Throughout their career, the lineup changed and even included famous names such as Florin Ochescu, Dan Bittman and Sorin Chifiriuc. The “Iris Rock School”, as it was nicknamed, was attended by approximately 15 instrument players and vocalists.

The latest departure from the band occurred in September 2012, when vocalist Cristi Minculescu quit the group, after 32 years of activity.

Also, Cristi Minculescu and Nelu Dumitrescu declared for Rock Fm that they are thinking about organizing an anniversary concert to celebrate 40 years of activity on the National Arena.






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