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February 5, 2023

Senate Speaker Tariceanu: Arrest measure must rather be an exception, not a rule

Senate Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu maintains that people should be investigated without being taken to custody and that preventive arrest should be requested and obtained from a judge only in special, well-argued cases, as otherwise “a serious abuse and excess of power area, not specific to a democratic state” is reached.

“I believe there has been over one month since I we have received the request in the Senate for the approval for the arrest of a Senator [Dan Sova]. I believe that if the DNA [the National Anti-corruption Directorate] had the necessary evidence in the case, they could have very well sent the case to court and the Senator could have been judged, because he does not enjoy immunity for the things he has done outside his mandate, as it happened in this particular case. (…) Wasn’t the arrest meant to put a psychological pressure on him in order to make him confess? Isn’t this modality in which people are arrested first and then investigated, which is specific to the ’50s, aimed at the same thing, obtaining confessions under psychological pressure,” Tariceanu told Antena 3 private television station on Sunday evening.

He said that, in his opinion, “the arrest measure should rather be an exception, and not a rule,” and pointed out he is not pleading for the case of one person or another.

“I am not pleading for the case of one person or another, for Mr Sova or another. Unfortunately, Mr Sova’s case is not singular, he is an example we have all encountered and around which a big political issue was created. But this isn’t the only case. Unfortunately, there is a great number of persons from the political environment or outside the political environment, who are in situations more or less similar, some even more serious. I am not concerned with the situation of a particular person, I am concerned with the manner in which some principles are applied and with the manner in which we see these abuses escalating. We can say, yes, the fight against corruption is necessary, but the fight against corruption cannot mean that we tolerate these abuses, I want to be very well understood,” Tariceanu explained.

In context, he also said he is concerned with the fact that there are fundamental institutions in the state which are “deeply weakened,” and that there has recently been “a concentrated assault against Parliament from several directions.”




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