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December 2, 2021

Udrea strikes again: Other people are free and squandering the money that got them elected

Former Minister of Regional development Elena Udrea launched a new attack by posting on Facebook last Saturday. She outlined that there were no reasons for her to be kept under arrest under the circumstances that the Gala Bute file was sent to Court. She mentioned the situation of Crinuta Dumitrean or Sergiu Diacomatu who allegedly brought higher prejudices to the Romanian state and yet, they are kept under house arrest, or the cases of people such as Pescariu or Florica, where cases were closed and they may spend the money they gained.

In this situation, Udrea questioned her readers what she was supposed to do in order to be released:

“Once the ‘Gala Bute’ file was sent to Court, there are no more reasons whatsoever to keep Elena Udrea under arrest. And yet, it is happening, despite of the fact that the prejudice she was being accused of is incomparably lower than in other cases.

By example, people such as Crinuta Dumitrean and Sergiu Diacomatu, direct beneficiaries of the ANRP bribes, accused of having received bribes of several million euro, are perfectly fine while being kept under house arrest and they keep asking for release on probation. This happens while Horia Georgescu, accused of abuse of office, is being kept under arrest as well.

An entire controversy was caused by the alleged incorrect financing of the PDL Bucharest subsidiary during Udrea’s term. This is almost the only topic being discussed and nobody asks old PDL members who have become new PNL members what about the accusations brought by Dorin Cocos and Gabriel Sandu regarding the financing of PDL. If Udrea is being kept under arrest, accused of being part of a Government that has reduced pensions and salaries, why does nobody ask Blaga and the others about the concrete accusations brought against them.

Moreover, Pescariu and Florica, people who have caused the state a prejudice of dozens of million euro, are free and they have kept the money as well.

Can anyone explain the prosecutors’ reasons as to why nothing happens in the other cases, people are free and relaxed, and they are squandering the money that has got them elected, and Elena Udrea is still being kept under arrest?

What do you think that Udrea should do so that her trial should be completed, as it would be natural, with the defendant released or at least kept under house arrest?” Elena Udrea’s communication team wrote on Facebook.



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