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January 27, 2023

Basescu, new attack against Justice: There are prosecutors seeking scalps to hang them to their belts!

Ex-President Traian Basescu declared on Monday, in a phone intervention for the station B1 TV, that justice should get used to the fact that it is a topic for debates. Traian Basescu’s intervention came after former Government spokesperson Mirel Palada pointed out that the ex-President had declared, in the past, that certain people should go to prison.

Traian Basescu declared that the trend of arrests had started at the end of his term, showing that Adrian Nastase and Dan Voiculescu were investigated while being free.

“Many people are trying to attribute what happens since November, especially at DNA, where the major show is being held, as an impact of my Presidential terms. It is a lie. I remind you that Nastase was free during inquiry, that Mr. Palada’s master was free during inquiry, and so were Mr. Voiculescu and former Agriculture Minister Remes, so the trend of arrests had not started yet. The trends of arests started at the end of my term. When I saw the footage of arrests, during my term, I immediately protested that they were not acceptable; it was the year 2013. Then, all “basists” (Basescu supporters, editor’s note) lashed out that I was against justice. I was not against justice; but this show is unacceptable, as it humiliates a person before the person is condemned”, Basescu mentioned.

Moreover, the former President was asked about the Legal Inspection’s point of view on his statements related to Gabriela Firea.

“For the time being, it is merely the point of view of the Legal Inspection and I have no doubt that it will be validated by the Supreme Court of Magistrates (CSM), but the justice should get used to the fact that it is a subject of debate. To use the legal inspection as a stick, so that anyone who opens his mouth and says the word “justice” is immediately punished by CSM only shows that people working in justice feel weak. I had the position that forbade me to do it, but now, I am a free person, I feel just as free as any other citizen or any journalism, to discuss justice. I would like to stir a deep discussion. That they are trying to show us, a perfect justice, free of any constriction, is not true. Justice must be improved. I do not think that it is OK”, Basescu also added.

On the other hand, the former Head of the State pointed out that the relation of prosecutors and judges was crucial, as judges are the ones making arrests. He outlined that it must be checked whether the Criminal Code is applied brutally or rationally.

“I would like to tell you one more thing I truly believe in. When in relationship with the regular person, the individual, regardless of whether he is a citizen or a former Minister, regardless of who he is, the institutions of the state are terribly powerful. The person is an insect in front of the state institutions and his only protection is the Constitution and human rights. So, this is his only defence and, after we needed ten years to acknowledge how important it is to have an independent justice, we now reached the stage when we have to inform Romanians how important it is that their rights should be respected, in relation with Justice, the state institutions, health and so on. (…) Prosecutors are not the ones making the arrests; it is the task of judges. The problem is: which are the relations of judges and prosecutors? How do you apply the new Criminal Code? Do you do it brutally or rationally? If he forged proof or he murdered anyone, if he is involved in a gang of IT crime, or in a gang of organized crime, obviously, you have to arrest him. But if one is accused of corruption offences committed years ago, why do you keep him under arrest?”, he further explained.

At the end of the intervention, Traian Basescu launched another harsh statement against prosecutors, saying that “there are some of them seeking scalps to hang them to their belts.”

“I have heard, and I find it very disturbing, that some prosecutors – and I say this based on the declarations of people proposed for preventive arrest, made in front of the judge. “sir, they told me they were arresting me, but if I say something about Basescu, I think that CSM should notify themselves at once. If a prosecutor wants to know anything, I will go and tell him what I can tell out about my Presidential terms. He should not ask fraud suspects. There are people seeking scalps as trophies. I do not think that this is the system, basically. Kovesi makes no investigations, she merely approves them”, Basescu also added, according to b1tv.ro.






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