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October 22, 2021

George Maior ambassador to Washington?

Prime-Minister Victor Ponta avoided giving a straight answer to a question he was asked during a press conference on Monday whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the Government, had proposed to President Klaus Iohannis to appoint ex-SRI head George Maior as ambassador of Romania to Washington.

‘Did you nominate George Maior as ambassador of Romania to Washington’ – Victor Ponta was asked. ‘Me? Under the Constitution, the president is the only authority who may appoint an ambassador’, the head of the Government answered.

‘Have you proposed him to the president through MAE?’ – the journalist rephrased. ‘Again, under the Constitution, the president of Romania appoints ambassadors. Now I am the Social-Democratic Party, with the logo behind me and I am convinced that the president of Romania will communicate to you the decisions regarding ambassadors. I do not want to comment on particular cases, because the ambassadors are not appointed by the Government. We appoint the consuls. The ambassadors are appointed by the president, in keeping with a procedure. I know the procedures very well, this is why I cannot comment on absolutely anything that belongs to the president’s prerogatives’, Victor Ponta said.

Afterwards, answering a new question, the PM repeated with a slight irony, addressing to the journalist: ‘You may ask how many times you want, I will still give you the same answer, with a smile on my lips and also with respect for your useless insistence: Ambassadors are appointed by the President of Romania, please ask the president of Romania on decisions that fall udder his constitutional competence, I do not intend to step into the president’s area of competence’.

According to an article signed by Dan Andronic on evz.ro on Monday, quoting government sources, Premier Victor Ponta has reportedly signed the new proposals by the Foreign Ministry for the appointment of new ambassadors. The most important changes include three known names. Ex-SRI chief George Maior was proposed as ambassador of Romania to Washington D.C., Mihnea Motoc as ambassador to London and Ion Jinga to the UN.

The procedure for the appointment of a new ambassador says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes the proposals which are then sent to the Government and Presidency.

If the president approves it, the proposal is sent to the Foreign Affairs Committees of the Parliament where the candidate is interviewed and where an advisory opinion is issued.,

After the interview, the president signs the decree on sending the new ambassador o post, based on which he/she presents his letters of credence.

The EVZ sources indicate that Victor Ponta has signed the new MAE proposals for George Maior  (Washington D.C), Mihnea Motoc (London) and Ion Jinga (UN).

Speculations on new ambassadors being appointed have been made in the public apace over the last few days. The journalist Ion Cristoiu was stating on his blog on Sunday that Maior would be sent as ambassador to Washington and mentioned other names as well, such as the journalist Emil Hurezeanu as ambassador to Berlin and Andrei Plesu to Paris.


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