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September 25, 2021

Lilian Zamfiroiu quits ICR to join diplomacy

Lilian Zamfiroiu has resigned his post as President of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) after almost two years at the helm of the institution. He said he was leaving behind an institution ‘freed of tensions, currently outside public scandals and political disputes’.

‘The decision to resign came after an analysis I had made on the current situation of ICR, the conclusions being that the objectives I set when I took over my term almost two years ago have been fulfilled. The institution is now equidistant to political parties and the various artistic currents in the Romanian cultural world, the main programmes have been brought in agreement with the European standards in the field and work as well as the budget allocations allow, the financing of Romanian magazines in R. Moldova has been resumed and the programmes for Romanians abroad are focussed on areas where there is an actual need to preserve identity, cultivate traditions and language, the main target group for ICR is again the foreign public however without neglecting the Romanian communities abroad in the process of sending out our messages to the target audience and, last but not least ICR’s programme now engage a majority of prominent people of culture in Romania who rejoined an institution freed of tension, outside public scandals and political disputes’, Lilian Zamfiroiu said in a press statement.

‘I therefore believe that the mission entrusted to me by the Senate of Romania on 25 June 2013 can now end and I can return to my diplomatic career, ready for new professional challenges’, states Lilian Zamfiroiu’s resignation letter.

Until a new head is appointed by the Senate, ICR will be managed by Vice-President Liviu Sebastian Jicman.

Lilian Zamfiroiu will be appointed as ambassador to Vatican, according to Parliament sources quoted by Mediafax. The current Romanian Ambassador to Vatican is Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban.

According to Mediafax, Radu Boroianu, former Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture, is having talks for becoming the new President of ICR.


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