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June 30, 2022

Posters used by Ponta to present his balance, harshly criticised

Victor Ponta celebrated on Monday three years since he became the Head of the Government with a series of controversial statements and electoral posters. A poster showing Elena Udrea handcuffed announced that USL partially completed their promise to send the former Tourism Minister and Traian Basescu behind bars. Another poster of Klaus Iohannis suggested that USL maintained their promise to set a President from PNL. In his speech, Ponta also talked about Crin Antonescu, his former colleague from USL.

“I allowed myself to make two slides that are a little more amusing. 1. The Social Liberal Union promised a Prime Minister from PNL and we honoured our promise. 2. We promised “Basescu and Udrea behind bars”. It was partially accomplished”, is the message that caused the harsh reaction of PNL Prime-Vice-President Catalin Predoiu, who immediately sanctioned the Prime Minister.


Catalin Predoiu: Ponta made a political abomination, trying to cynically borrow the popularity of the President


Prime-Vice-President of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Catalin Predoiu criticized in a message posted on a social network the “funny message” sent by Prime Minister Victor Ponta after the balance of his three years as Head of the Government.

“Romania’s Prime Minister insulted millions of Romanians by using the Romanian President’s photo in a political gesture of poor taste. I will evaluate whether Ponta has ciolated the law by using, without any rights, the image of the President. In any case, it is a gesture of political abomination specific for Ponta, because he tries to cynically borrow some of the popularity of the President who humiliatingly defeated him at the elections. Ponta was the Head of PM Nastase’s Control Corps, political minister of the Boc 1 Government, spokesperson of Senate President Mircea Geoana and, finally, a Prime Minister defined as a “pussy” by ex-President Basescu, when he appointed Ponta for the first time. So, there is sort of a Ponta regime that made it through the Nastase and Basescu regimes. His boat was represented by lies, his paddles were cajolery and humiliation. And the three political persons who had promoted him may remember Nicolae Iorga’s words: “cajolery is the anticipated payment of betrayal.” The worst thing is that Ponta is a problem for Romania”, Catalin Predoiu wrote on Facebook.


Gusa: Ponta’s attitude towards his former colleagues and friends recommends him as a dangerous guy


Political analyst Cozmin Gusa examined PM Victor Ponta’s declarations about Traian Basescu și Elena Udrea, and especially about his former colleague Crin Antonescu, and thinks that the Prime Minister’s attitude recommends him as a dangerous guy.

“I am not willing to comment on what Ponta did economically in these three years; let us not cause Romanians a headache when thinking about the medium and long term consequences of this weak and pointless governing. Instead, at a human level, I am once again shocked by Victor Ponta. I saw for the first time his true face when he talked about prison in the cases of  Elena Udrea and Traian Basescu. This is the mentality of an abusive prosecutor and, when he talks about jail, he never considers the proof and awaits no trial. This surprised me, as we are not talking about a cheerful lack of responsibility, but about the character of a man. I remind you that the man he wants to send to jail is the man who appointed him Prime Minister and who signed the decrees of Ponta’s Governments and the one he sees in fail is his former colleague in the Government, a family friend, not to mention that Ponta has worked as a lawyer for the Udrea – Cocos family. Regardless of what Udrea has done wrong,  enjoying the misfortune of people you have spent so many years with is scary”, Gusa commented. The political analyst also referred to the poster with Iohannis. “The picture is another proof of lack of decency, combined with lack of character. It involves Iohannis, and I do not think that he agreed to appear in this position, cited in the victory of USL. It also shows major disrespect to Crin Antonescu, under the circumstances that both connoisseurs and Crin  Antonescu himself are convinced that Ponta is the one who cast Crin Antonescu away from politics. Without Crin Antonescu, Ponta would have never become a Minister and would have never had the opportunity of the great event he is celebrating today. The inhuman way Ponta acts towards his former partners and friends leaves me with a bitter aftertaste. It recommends him as a dangerous guy, especially that, as his power as Prime Minister increases, he seems increasingly cheerful”, Gusa also added.








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