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June 26, 2022

Sebastian Ghita and Iulian Hertanu’s wealths, sequestrated

The prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) sequestrated the wealth of Iulian Hertanu, the brother-in-law of Prime Minister Victor Ponta. Also, Sebastian Ghita, involved himseld in the European funds fraud file related to works of extension of pipes in the city Comarnic, appeared on Tuesday morning at the DNA headquarters in Ploiesti to be informed that some of his wealth was sequestrated.

Iulian Hertanu, Victor Ponta’s brother-in-law, was released from preventive arrest almost a week ago. Iulian Herțanu was placed under house arrest after the High Court of Cassation and Justice approved his appeal to the extension of the preventive arrest measure by 30 days in the European funds fraud file related to the works destined to extend water supplying pipes in the city Comarnic.

Hertanu is accused by DNA of embezzling European funds. Charges also include tax evasion. Hertanu was placed under preventive arrest on February 18, besides businessman Vladimir Ciorba.

In the same case, an inquiry was started against Mircea Cosma, president of the Prahova County Council, and Deputies Vlad Cosma and Sebastian Ghita, presently on probation.


Sebastian Ghita: They sequestrated my real estate assets and my accounts. I consider myself innocent.


Deputy Sebastian Ghita declared on Tuesday, at the exit of DNA Ploiesti, where he had spent a few dozens of minutes, that prosecutors sequestrated his real estate and assets and that he considered himself innocent in the file he is accused of favouring a criminal group.

Sebastian Ghita declared at the exit of the headquarters of DNA Ploiesti, that prosecutors informed him of having placed all his real estate and accounts under sequestration until the recovery of approximately EUR 2 million, the level of prejudice in the file he was investigated on.

Ghita said he considered he was not guilty in this file and that he did not know Iulian Hertanu personally at the time Hertanu’s company signed a contract with the authorities of Prahova, the European funds contract for the extension of water supplying pipes in Comarnic city.

Under these circumstances, the Prahova representative in the Parliament mentioned having known PM Victor Ponta’s brother-in-law approximately a year after the contract was signed with Hidro Prahova.

Asked whether he takes into account the resignation in the Parliament, he gave a negative answer.

“I do not see myself as guilty. This thing may only be established by a judge. In the moment a judge decides that I am guilty of something, I will take into account such measure”, Ghita said.

Also, asked whether he was afraid he would end up behind bars, he said that the offence he was accused of is not punishable by “such a harsh measure.”

“The offence is not one that needs such a harsh measure. The law does not stipulate such a tough punishment for my alleged offence and this is why I am not concerned by this matter (the possibility to be convicted to prison with execution, editor’s note), Ghita declared.

He said he trusted that prosecutors “will discover precisely how things happened in Prahova County.”

Asked whether he still wanted to do politics after 2016, Ghita stated that he had entered politics with an open heart and that he wished to continue his political activity after he ended his present term as a member of the Parliament.





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