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June 13, 2021

Alina Gorghiu: ‘Ponta mimes consensus with president and Opposition’

The Co-President of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Alina Gorghiu, believes the review did by PM Victor Ponta upon celebrating three years of governance was only done ‘in order to show that USL was alive’.

‘I want to tell you that it was not a PSD review, but a eulogy of USL, an attempt at reviving USL. It’s a coating for non-governance. I could hear lame jokes, self-praising, including remarks on some being locked up and other being left at large’, Alina Gorghiu said on Adevarul Live on Wednesday.

The co-president of the National Liberal Party also spoke about the new Fiscal Code, an ‘ultra-liberal’ project promoted by the premier.

‘The tax relaxation idea is something the Liberals have been keen on. I would be happy to see that the measure produces results on a long term. Ponta copied the taxation part from our programme. That’s fine, as long as you also take the part on the preparations. If you don’t do that, you compromise the measure as such. Ponta ahs 40% less investment in H1 against H1 2014. He cut a few million from investment again’, she also said.

One of the subjects Gorghiu addressed was the right to vote of Romanians in the Diaspora, something that, according to her, has become more than ‘an obsession for PNL’.

‘We will be a state that denies the civil capacity to Romanians in the Diaspora. If the law on the distance voting is not promulgated by the president by the end of June, Romanian citizens won’t be able to vote in the parliamentary elections. This is why I am so loud about this, because Ponta is miming a consensus with the president and the opposition whilst, in reality, he does all he can to block these themes’, the PNL co-president said.

‘I was looking at the ANAF numbers regarding the first months. They managed to freeze 6%, which means the inefficiency of a government structure. That is unpardonable. We say to people <commit corruption and you’ll keep the money>. Ponta green lights corruption as long as they keep the money. The act of justice all the way to the end is the recovery of damages. There are so many things Ponta omits to mention’, she added.

Alina Gorghiu says the premier feels like ‘the centre of the world’ because the opposition no longer asks him about things he ‘forgets’ to say.

‘As a prime minister you cannot refuse to answer, even if you don’t like Alina Gorghiu. Ponta shouts that PNL does not want a Constitution revision. Ponta is lying with the serenity of a man who has the exercise of the lie’, the PNL co-president also said.

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