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December 1, 2021

Monica Macovei: If we don’t like handcuffs, we can use silk scarves

MEP Monica Macovei has commented on RFI the vote given by the Senate Legal Committee on Tuesday, on handcuffing non-violent arrested persons. The ex-justice minister says that, ‘if we don’t like handcuffs, we can find another way to immobilise people, such as by using silk scarves’. Macovei believes that the decisions adopted on Tuesday are ‘measures for protecting people subject to investigation’.

The proposals on removing the handcuffing of non-violent arrested persons in public areas and the option of the accused to choose a different home than the one in his/her IDs as long as they can prove they have their domicile there, made by PSD Senator Serban Nicolae, were accepted by the Legal Affairs Committee of the Senate on Tuesday.

Monica Macovei criticises the decision: ‘They don’t seem to me necessary and useful measures for fighting corruption and, in general, criminality. On the contrary, these are measures for protecting those under investigation and I am convinced that Mr. Serban Nicolae and the other MPs don’t care about people, they just care about themselves, it’s all about their protection, the protection of politicians’.

In the opinion of the former justice minister, ‘handcuffs are used when a person is arrested, when they are told they are placed on remand, for immobilisation, because, becoming troubled, upset and anxious, that person may self-injure or injure the law-enforcers. If we don’t like handcuffs, we can find another way to immobilise people, I don’t know, silk scarves that are sturdy enough. The important thing is that it’s a means of immobilisation and not of intimidation or anything else’.

‘Secondly – the MEP explains – the domicile we all have in our ID becomes important when you are placed on house arrest, because you are monitored all that time. Otherwise, we could stay where we want to – I mean we who are not under investigation and not on house arrest. If they have five or ten homes around the world, maybe they decide to go I don’t know where, each night in a different place, in order not to be monitored’.


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