Constitution’s revision, apple of discord between PSD and PNL

The Social Democrat Party head, Prime minister Victor Ponta says on his Facebook page that he is deeply sorry that the National Liberal Party (PNL) leaders ‘have announced officially that they have decided for good to block the process of the Constitution’s revision,’ adding that this is a proof ‘of shortsightedness, mediocrity and lack of imagination’ from the current Liberal leadership.

Victor Ponta says that a first reason to support his statements is the fact that ‘one could not reform the Romanian state (observe the European standards, prevent the institutional conflicts, adapt immunities or ease the illicit goods’ seizure) without bringing the necessary alterations to the Fundamental Law.’

Therewith, the Prime minister adds that ‘the Liberal MPs (unlike their new Democrat-Liberals colleagues and brothers) have been elected in December 2012 based on the promise assumed to revise the Constitution!’

‘Yet another change of thoughts, another mockery, another proof of political shortsightedness on their behalf – and, in 2016 they will ask again the citizens to give them their vote, after forgetting what they have promised in 2012! Hopefully, these will eventually help the PNL leaders to review these totally wrong decisions! Romania needs a modernized Constitution!!!” the Prime minister wrote on his Facebook page.

The PNL co-chairperson, Alina Gorghiu said on Thursday that Victor Ponta and the PSD could not be partners of the Liberals in the revision process of the Constitution, adding that the dialogue could be resumed when the PSD will sit to the discussions’ table with leaders that are ‘uncompromising in undemocratic actions.’

‘The willfully obstruction by a Government, of its citizens to vote is beyond example in the European Union, the fact that Victor Ponta has received a tough lesson in November – December 2014, in the presidential elections is not enough. He forced the Romanians into an unpleasant position, and the reality shows that a man, through his own will and the party’s at rule, has hijacked the goal the state bodies are made to function. Do you believe that today is time for talks in partnership with the PSD on the Constitution’s revision? I can affirm loudly – Victor Ponta and the PSD cannot be anymore our partners in the idea of the revision of the Constitution,’ Alina Gorghiu said in a debate organized by the National Liberal Youth on ‘The Liberal Constitution.’


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