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May 18, 2021

FNSA: 32,000 employees with local public administration participated at the one-day general strike on Thursday

The one-day general strike on Thursday rounded about 32,000 employees, who answered the call by the Trade Unions National Federation in Administration (FNSA).

The strikers were employees with 2,800 communal halls, 50 town halls, 35 city halls and 20 county councils, says a release by the FNSA.

According to the FNSA, the general strike was organised as a protest to the unfair policies as regards the payment and the rights of the employees with the local public administration of Romania, as compared to other categories of employees with the budget system.

“Should after this protest our minimal claims are not meeting a favourable outcome, the FNSA will organise the following actions: on May 27, a meeting in Bucharest that would be attended by minimum 3,000 persons; signatures will be collected to organising an indefinitely general strike in the local public administration, in 2015,” the press release signed by FNSA president, Valer Suciu reads.


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