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July 31, 2021

Official statistics: Romania’s Q4 active population over nine million, over 56 percent men

Romania’s economically active population in the fourth quarter of 2014 was 9.172 million, of which 56.8 percent men, show data of the households labour force survey (AMIGO) released on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

People of labour age (15-64 years old) were 67.8 percent of Romania’s total resident population in Q4; 60.8 percent of this category were employed, 4.6 percent were unemployed, and 34.6 percent were inactive.

The economic dependence ratio (number of inactive and unemployed persons per 1000 employed persons) was 1.327, slightly down from 1.256 in Q3 2014. The ratio was higher among women – 1.742, as compared to 1.009 among men, and in rural areas – 1.372, as compared to 1.290 in urban areas.

By age groups, youth under 25 years of age were 5.9 percent of the employed population; the 25-34 years of age were 24.1 percent, and the largest group was 35-44 years of age with 29 percent.

As many as 60.2 percent of the youngest active people (age 15-24) lived in rural areas; overall, youth contributed 7.2 percent to the active population.

By labour force status, 68.3 of the employed population had jobs; 30.6 percent were self-employed or non-paid family workers.

Services concentrated 57.9 percent of the employees; the industry and constructions – 39 percent; and the agriculture 3.1 percent. By working terms, 98.6 of the jobs were on open-ended contracts.

By property regime, 83.6 percent of the employees worked for private employers, 15.3 percent for the public sector and 1.1 percent in the mixed sector.

The average working week for employees in Q4 was 40 hours, and the effective average 38.8 hours per week.


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