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January 26, 2021

Elena Udrea receives death threat in prison from convict, demands protection in penitentiary

Elena Udrea demands additional protection in penitentiary. The request was submitted by her lawyer. The ex-Tourism Minister claims she does not feel safe in the Targsor penitentiary where she was moved on Thursday from the Central Arrest Department of the Bucharest Police.

At the women’s penitentiary in Targsor, an inquiry was started after Elena Udrea received a threatening letter at the beginning of March.

She claims she has received a threatening letter from a convict who has written that there was an order that she would be intentionally infected with HIV in prison. Elena Udrea’s friend Ruxandra Dragomir, who has visited Udrea yesterday at Targsor Penitentiary, wrote that she was afraid that the life of the ex-Minister is in danger.

The letter received by Elena Udrea, while she was still in the Bucharest Police Arrest Department, describes as explicitly as possible how Elena Udrea would have been intentionally infected with AIDS, at the order of Sile Camataru, who was also fulfilling an order. The convict who wrote her said:

“You have an enemy that has denounced you and has put you in there, and he is a good friend of Sile. And they have talked about you, and he said that e wanted to destroy you, and he asked whether Sile had anyone who could harm you, and Sile said “yes”. He is offering Sile EUR 15,000 to order someone to stab you with an AIDS-infected needle, to destroy you. I have received a letter from Sile this week”, the respective convict announced Elena Udrea.

He also says that he was demanded to collect biological sample from HIV patients receiving treatment at the Rahova Penitentiary Hospital. Then, the syringe will be carried to the hospital where Udrea was to be moved. The convict has written to Elena Udrea from the Colibasi Penitentiary and claimed to have refused this order because he has had a weakness for the former Tourism Minister.

“Let me tell you who I am and what the matter is, and trust me that this thing is not going to happen, because I am a tough guy, but not with you, as I have always liked you and I will like you all my life as a woman, and you do not deserve that this harm would be done to you.”

“When I am free, I play evil, at order, at have tattoos all over my body and all over my face. I am 42 years old and I am from Caracal, Olt County. At the time being, I have no family, because a Russian clan has murdered my wife and daughter in 2000 for a combination in Turin”, the convict has also written.

Elena Udrea’s best friend, who has permanently supported her ever since the ex-Minister was placed behind bars, Ruxandra Dragomir pointed out that, initially, Elena Udrea did not take this letter too seriously.

“Initially, she has given little consideration to this letter, as it was received a while ago but, at the moment she was so brutally moved to Targsor, without any explanation or notification, it was obvious that this thing has given her a lot to think about, and she started to take this letter very seriously”, Dragomir explained.

Ruxandra Dragomir pointed out that she was afraid Elena Udrea might lose her life and that the ex-Minister intended to notify authorities regarding this threat.

Ruxandra Dragomir, who has visited Elena Udrea at the Targsor Penitentiary says that it is for the first time, since she has visited Udrea while under arrest, that she felt the former Minister really had a tough time.

She mentioned she could only talk to Udrea by phone, from behind a glass panel, and that it was degrading and humiliating.


Crime head Sile Camataru denies intention to kill Elena Udrea


Accused of having plotted to kill Elena Udrea, Sile Camataru has reacted from prison saying that ‘everything that has appeared is an invention’ and that he could have not done such a thing since he was a friend of Udrea’s ex-husband’s Dorin Cocos.

‘Everything that has appeared is an invention. It’s out of question! My name being quoted in this scandal is nothing but revenge! I could never do such a thing! I am a friend of Dorin Cocos’. We shared a room for four months while under arrest. So it’s all a lie! I don’t understand the games they are playing, but I’m not involved in this sinister story in any way!’ Sile Camataru noted for Spy News, according to Realitatea TV.







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