Iasi Mayor and Iasi Police Chief placed under judicial control

After being detained for 24 hours, Iasi Mayor Gheorghe Nechita was released and will be investigated under judicial control, without being detained, the Bucharest Court decided. The same measure was taken against Iasi Police Chief Liviu Hliboceanu and against the institution’s head of service Stefan Avirvarei. The decision is not final and can be attacked at the Bucharest Court of Appeals. The three were detained by National Anticorruption Directorate  (DNA) prosecutors on Thursday evening.

Nechita is accused of instigating the direct and indirect use of private information and of allowing the information to be accessed by unauthorized persons, malfeasance in office, illegally accessing an IT system and illegal operations with IT devices and programs, Mediafax informs.

Liviu Hliboceanu is investigated for the direct and indirect use of private information, for allowing the information to be accessed by unauthorized persons and for malfeasance in office.


Kept mistress under surveillance with help of policemen and underworld members


Stefan Avirvarei, head of service within the Local Police, is investigated for directly and indirectly using private information and allowing unauthorized persons to access the information, for being an accessory to malfeasance in office, malfeasance in office, illegal access to an IT system and illegal operations with IT devices and programs.

The Mayor of Iasi was allegedly denounced by Adina Samson, the head of a City Hall directorate with whom he had an affair several years ago, after he allegedly told local policemen to keep her under surveillance, judicial sources inform. Thus, from January to April 2015, Gheorghe Nechita, abusing his office, repeatedly asked Hliboceanu and Avirvarei and other City Hall employees to check, personally or through middlemen, the databases containing private information and then to use the information and to allow unauthorized persons to have access to it, in order to obtain undue benefits. During the same period, Nechita intentionally determined the other two defendants to defectively fulfill their prerogatives by engaging, personally or through other Local Police employees, in surveillance activities that damaged the legal interests of the institution they were part of and in order to obtain undue benefits.

Likewise, according to the DNA report, the members of the “Corduneni” underworld clan were allegedly involved in threatening a person that dated Adina Samson, the mistress of the Iasi Mayor, an action Liviu Hliboceanu was also involved in, ‘Jurnalul National’ daily informs.

After the court decision was adopted Nechita returned to his villa in Iasi and stated that he did not expect this and that he will make more statements on Monday. “I don’t want to make any comments. I haven’t slept, I am tired. I want to calm down. It’s just a stage. Of course there is also the appeal. I hope I will be able to make some comments on Monday. It’s not good to talk too much right away. Things have to be analyzed responsively. I did not expect this, but this is life,” the Mayor of Iasi stated for stiripesurse.ro.


Victor Ponta: “Not resigning is not the issue”


Premier Victor Ponta commented on Saturday the case that concerns Gheorghe Nechita, the Mayor of Iasi and the President of PSD’s local branch, stating that he did not know that “you are arrested for spying a lover.” Ponta however admitted that the mayor could lose the position of party vice president, but he stated that resigning is out of the question now.

“In general the problem is for what deeds we put people under preventive arrest. (…) I didn’t know that you are arrested for spying a lover,” Victor Ponta stated.

At the same time, asked whether he will respect, in Nechita’s case too, the PSD National Council resolution according to which the mayor may lose his office of PSD Vice President if arrested, the Premier pointed out that the resolution “will be applied to anyone.”

“I know the resolution because I proposed it. It is definitely applied to anyone. Not resigning is not the issue, the resolution applies,” Victor Ponta stated for B1TV.


Alina Gorghiu: “By minimizing the issue you only become an accomplice”


PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu sent Victor Ponta a message on Sunday after the Premier stated that one cannot be arrested for spying on one’s lover. According to the Co-President of PNL, the Premier’s answer “surpasses in cynicism and baseness even the lowest actions against the idea of freedom in a democratic state.”

“Mr. Ponta, the persons kept under surveillance and terrorized by the Mayor of Iasi, with the help of the local police and with public funds, in cahoots with underworld clans, are Romanian citizens with whom you, as Head of Government, as politician, should be sympathetic. By minimizing the issue, by pretending you do not understand the seriousness of the issue, you only become an accessory to a practice rumored to be familiar to other colleagues of yours too,” Alina Gorghiu wrote on Facebook.

Alina Gorghiu added that other PSD leaders use similar techniques in order to spy on their political opponents, on the business environment and on the mass-media.

“The fact that your political opponent Catalin Ivan has complained of the same methods of monitoring, surveillance and intimidation on the part of the Mayor of Iasi can explain to us why you don’t feel the normal need to condemn the abnormal behavior of a PSD mayor and important leader. You know, just like I do, that informally there are suspicions that other colleagues of yours resort to similar methods, sometimes having political targets, especially among the opposition, targets from the business sector or mass-media. I like to believe this information is not true and that you are not aware of it, but your reactions raise certain question marks,” Gorghiu added.



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