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June 26, 2022

Bogdan Aurescu, Romania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: Romania and Poland are two countries linked by a longstanding friendship, with numerous similarities

“On the occasion of the Constitution Day of Poland, it is my distinct honor and privilege to express my warmest congratulations and sincere wishes of peace and prosperity to all Polish citizens.

Romania and Poland are two countries linked by a longstanding friendship, with numerous similarities, as well as common values and principles, in addition to the will to pursue very similar views and objectives at regional, European, and global levels.

The foundation and strength of our strategic partnership, established at the highest political level in 2009 and reconfirmed through the Joint Declaration of the Presidents of Romania and Poland in March 2015, lie precisely on our shared values, approaches, interests, and options, thus designing the cooperation between our two countries to continuously and vigorously develop.

This strong partnership is also reflected into a very dynamic and substantial political dialogue. The fact that one of the first official visits that the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis, made abroad was in Warsaw illustrates the intensity and the quality of our relations. Furthermore, I would like to recall the very cordial and substantial discussions I had in Warsaw with my Polish counterpart, Minister Grzegorz Schetyna, just a few days ago (photo).

The instability and various crises that affect our Eastern, as well as Southern Neighborhood are of great concern to us all. This is why Romania and Poland are unequivocally in favor of a united and firm response to any challenges faced by the European and Euro-Atlantic community. The implementation of the decisions taken by the North Atlantic Alliance at the Newport Summit in 2014 is of paramount relevance for both our countries. In line with these decisions and in view of the NATO Summit in Warsaw (2016), Poland and Romania are committed to consistently supporting and contributing to the consolidation of NATO’s Eastern frontier, i.e. by ensuring a robust, credible, and sustainable presence of the Alliance in our region.

At the same time, we are firm supporters of a strong European Union, capable of playing an essential role on the international stage. Close coordination and strong cohesion among all Member States, a solid transatlantic relationship, as well as an economic vision for growth and job creation, including a common energy policy and a long term innovation-based development strategy, are essential prerequisites in this respect.

Both our countries attach a key relevance to the strategic partnerships we have developed with the United States. In the current context, the presence of the American forces in our geo-strategic area and the completion of the US missile defense system in Europe are essential for the security of the whole European and Euro-Atlantic community.

We also share the same opinion on the need for a solid, courageous and effective approach of the European and Euro-Atlantic community in its geographical proximity. Strengthening the EU and NATO’s partnerships with all our neighbors, be they in the East, South East or South, and assisting them in their struggle for stability and democracy is a key component of our common vision for the vicinity. Equally, we are active promoters of NATO’s open-door policy, as well as the continuation of the EU’s enlargement process.

Another important task for us today is aimed at substantiating the Romanian-Polish Strategic Partnership, namely exploiting the yet untapped potential of developing the bilateral cooperation in specific fields, such as economically (by increasing both the bilateral trade and investments), militarily (through exchange of expertise, joint exercises or collaborating on defense-related projects), culturally, as well as in the field of innovation and academic exchanges, tourism and people-to-people contacts.

Considering all these favorable premises, there is no doubt that the relationship between Romania and Poland has a great future and I would like to say, on this occasion of celebration for Poland: Long live the friendship between Romania and Poland!

Sto Lat Rumunia-Polska!”





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