PNL signs protocol with Mircea Geoana’s party, gains 19 MPs

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-president Vasile Blaga and Romanian Social Party (PSRO) President Mircea Geoana signed a protocol for political and parliamentary cooperation between their respective parties at the Parliament on Thursday. PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu and the party’s shadow PM Catalin Predoiu were absent from the event. With this new move, PNL is gaining an extra 19 MPs, according to ‘Adevarul’ and hopes to be able to set up a majority in Parliament with a view to introducing ‘a no-confidence vote against the Ponta Government and for supporting a new Government’. The two parties will set up a Consultative Council the job of which will be to harmonise political positions.

During the signing of the protocol Vasile Blaga, Teodor Atanasiu and Ludovic Orban, representing PNL, and Mircea Geoana, Florentin Gust and Catalin Croitoru, representing PSRO, were present.

According to the document, a mechanism of parliamentary cooperation will be introduced for common positions on major subjects in the legislative body.

The term of the protocol is the current term of the Parliament, but may be extended into the 2016 – 2020 term.

‘This ruling programme starts from Mr. Iohannis’ 10-point programme. We will present it to all parties except PSD, to from a parliamentary majority’, Vasile Blaga started to explain the idea of signing the protocol with PSRO. He noted there were big chances that the protocol could also be in place during the 2016-2020 legislative term.


Mircea Geoană: ‘We are not restoring USL’


Mircea Geoana stressed that the signing of the protocol was not for restoring USL, but that the presenting would have a stronger ally on his side.

‘What animates us at PSRO is the idea of a new country project. There is no doubt that Romania will be a lot stronger if there is president – prime-minister coherence. It would be abnormal for a country project proposed by the present not to also have left-wing influences. It is our obligation to give a new government to Romania after a successful no-confidence vote, and an authentic country programme’, Geoana, ex-PSD member, said.

He added that every new day with the Ponta Government was ‘a damaging thing for Romania’.

Vasile Blaga would not say if PNL and PSRO would participate in the local and parliamentary election in 2016 as an electoral or political alliance.

Mircea Geoana, in turn, attacked ex-President Traian Basescu and defended Klaus Iohannis. ‘Traian Basescu has violated Romanian democracy. Traian Basescu set up majorities to his liking. It is not the president’s job to break up parliamentary majorities. Do not criticise a president who ahs behaved normally just because we are so used to an ex-president who would break the Constitution and it seemed to us normal. Let there be no single boss anymore. The president of Romania had nothing to do with what we are doing here. I think is better even if it takes too long as far as I am concerned. However, it’s preferable to wait a little and have a democratic government than to continue to operate on an undemocratic model’, Mircea Geoana said.


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