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March 25, 2023

Romania’s new ambassador to Berlin, Emil Hurezeanu, on his appointment by Iohannis

Emil Hurezeanu explained the reasons why he accepted his appointment as Romania’s ambassador to Germany. The journalist also stated how Klaus Iohannis made this proposition.

“My job as journalist, which started in the early 1980s, has taken me to a lot of places, a lot of countries, but Germany was the most important one; I worked in Munich and then at Deutsche Welle in Cologne. I returned to the country in 2002 and, with a brief pause, I continued doing this. I am a journalist that wants to describe reality, to understand it, to analyze it. I haven’t necessarily been an opinion journalist, I am a man that judges things from the point of view of his own ego, naturally with personal instruments. Each author has opinions too. But I practiced rather a journalism of understanding and of finding the median,” Emil Hurezeanu stated for Digi24.

“My preoccupation with foreign policy, being from the start in the position of writing foreign policy comments and being in the midst of murky, sometimes confusing events, in the 1980s, in the last part of the Cold War, I was in the position to notice almost in real time and simultaneously several sequence of events with exciting developments in the Soviet Union, after 1985, in Poland, in the US and in Romania – first of all – because it was the main preoccupation,” the journalist added.

“These foreign policy preoccupations familiarized me with a world that attracted me and, at the same time, toward which I remained somewhat aloof. The biographic cycles, life events, the will to do something else and at the same time the same thing, using your experiences and knowledge, at a moment when the relation between a country like Germany and Romania is, in my opinion, more important than ever. In the situation in which we are talking about an amateur, I am a dilettante, I am not part of the diplomatic corps, I did not work there, secretary 1, secretary 2… I come from a different area but, at the same time, an area in which being close to Germany and living there and trying to understand and know this country better gave me sufficient courage to accept this proposition,” he pointed out.

“It’s a proposition that I received in a relatively simple manner from the President of the Republic, whose personal relation with me is fairly flimsy. He is one of my viewers, just like I lived in the same city with him, both of us being born in Sibiu where he continues to live. And so, I don’t believe it was necessarily a relation of closeness and familiarity that made him take this decision. I do not have access to the President’s decisional cabinet, I tried to explain what my reasons for this decision are,” Emil Hurezeanu stated.

“I am probably not the only journalist that comes from outside a phenomenon, intersects it and then leaves it or not. Diplomats remain diplomats and journalists remain journalists. The important thing is that probably at one point both have interests, forms of understanding that they stress, that they reproduce and which contribute to the better understanding of things. A diplomat also does this with the ones appointing him on this job, he represents the state’s policy, he can do it better or worse, he can do it with his personal means too, which have to do with persuasion, with a certain familiarity with the environment he ends up in, maybe with the gravity with which he understands things or not, the ease with which he understands them or not,” Emil Hurezeanu emphasized.


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