A tough week in the Parliament after the May 1 short holiday

A long week is awaiting the members of the Parliament after their days off on May 1. Electoral laws, hearings of Ambassadors and the draft laws rescuing corrupt politicians from handcuffs are some of the matters that must be completed by the chosen ones. Moreover, Senators are waiting for the verdict of Constitutional Court judges in Dan Sova’s case.

Electoral laws are a priority. Local elections are to be held in a year and the Venice Commission recommends stability for at least twelve months before the ballot.

On Monday, the electoral code committee checked the party financing and electoral campaigns law again, as well as the law that says that the association of three persons is enough to create a party.

Both should enter the final ballot on Wednesday.

Another law that requires fast approval is the law that says mayors would be elected by only one election round and the Heads of County Councils, by indirect voting.

Senators have other concerns. They need to decide on the fate of the draft submitted by PSD Senator Nicolae Serban, regarding the elimination of handcuffs for politicians under preventive arrest who have not committed violent crimes. The document was approved by the legal committee, therefore, it will be voted for by the Plenum. It is another law that requires a fast decision because May 7 is the deadline of tacit approval and, afterwards, the draft needs to be debated by deputies.

On Tuesday, specialized committes of both Chambers might hold the hearings of persons appointed by President Klaus Iohannis as Romania’s new Ambassadors. There are fourteen persons proposed by the Government and accepted by the President. The decrees will be issued after all of them will pass the hearings in the Parliament and receive the approval of the respective states.

By the middle of the week, the Court will pronounce a decision regarding the constitutionality of the decision reached by the Senate, that shows Senators have overruled the ceasing of Dan Sova’s immunity. Court President Augustin Zegrean declared that, if the decision is invalidated, the ballot in the Senate might be repeated.


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