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January 18, 2022

Future of Social-Democrats Liviu Dragnea and Dan Sova to be decided Wednesday

Wednesday will be a difficult day for PSD’s number-two Liviu Dragnea (photo L), who will find out the sentence in the Referendum case, but also for former minister Dan Sova in whose case the Constitutional Court will decide a possible repeat of the vote on the lifting of his immunity in order for him to be placed under arrest.

Thus, the Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) will analyze the PNL appeal against the Senate decision on the results of the vote on the National Anticorruption Directorate’s (DNA) request for the Senate to allow the preventive arrest of Senator Dan Sova.

After the Senate’s Permanent Bureau and Juridical Commission passed back and forth between themselves the responsibility of publishing the decision concerning the March 25 vote, the decision was finally published in the Official Gazette as requested by the CCR on April 8. Once it was published the decision was attacked at the CCR by the Liberals.

CCR President Augustin Zegrean recently stated that the vote on the DNA’s request could be repeated. “If the decision is not good it will be declared as such and the vote will be repeated. Meaning they will have to reanalyze the request,” Zegrean stated, pointing out that “so far the Parliament’s decisions that were declared unconstitutional were repeated, other decisions were taken. Everything starts all over again.”

Thus, if the vote is repeated and if Senators approve the DNA request Dan Sova could end up in jail following a High Court decision.

In what concerns Liviu Dragnea, he will find out the sentence in the Referendum Case. In front of the High Court of Justice the DNA asked for an executory sentence against the Development Minister. In his closing statements, the prosecutor handling the case stated that Liviu Dragnea allegedly reached agreements with the witnesses heard.

According to the DNA, during the impeachment referendum that took place on 29 July 2012, Liviu Dragnea used his influence and party authority as PSD Secretary General in order to obtain undue electoral benefits for the political alliance his party was a member of, namely to reach the voter turnout threshold with the help of illegal votes.

In this sense, according to prosecutors, Liviu Dragnea coordinated a complex mechanism in which he involved persons over whom he had influence on account of the office held, with the goal of defrauding the voter turnout results.


Ludovic Orban: PNL considers filing censure motion earlier


PNL Vice President Ludovic Orban stated that the Liberals may file their censure motion earlier, following a decision that will be taken on Wednesday. Likewise, the former minister plans to run for the Bucharest City Hall in 2016. Orban also stated that he considers a possible bid for the Bucharest City Hall. “Some criteria will be established at PNL’s National Council and, based on them, I certainly take into account this option,” the PNL Vice President stated in an interview for stiripesurse.ro. The PNL National Council will take place on May 23 in Pitesti.

Likewise, the Liberal Lower Chamber MP presented the two situations in which the censure motion prepared by PNL would be filed earlier than planned.

“We have taken a ballpark decision but if circumstances call for it, for instance if Dragnea is convicted, if he receives even a suspended sentence, and Victor Ponta is adamant to keep him within PSD and within the government, obviously there are grounds for a censure motion. If CCR declares unconstitutional the decision in Sova’s case and asks for the vote to be repeated and the PSD majority does not want to do that, this is once again reason to attack with a censure motion. The coward and traitor Ponta that I know will dissociate himself from Sova and Dragnea,” the PNL Vice President stated.

PSD Executive President Liviu Dragnea will find out on Wednesday the sentence in the Referendum Case and the Constitutional Court could decide a possible repeat of the Senate’s vote in the Dan Sova case.


Dragnea, nervous about the day when ICCJ would rule in his case


Deputy Prime-Minister Liviu Dragnea is waiting for the verdict in the Referendum case. He said he was nervous about the day when the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) would rule in his case, but stressed he was innocent and promised to say ‘more’ after the decision of the Court.

Asked if he was nervous, Dragnea answered: ‘Of course’.

According to him, there is no serious evidence against him. ‘I am absolutely convinced of my innocence, I have strongly claimed it all this time. I and I believe the Court have not identified any serious piece of evidence administered by the prosecutor. It’s just a series of assertions, considerations, deductions, suppositions and I hope I will get an acquittal tomorrow’.

On the other hand, asked what he would do if he was convicted, Dragnea said he had never given an answer to that question out of superstition’.

‘You know very well what I would do, it’s just that I never wanted to answer this question, out of superstition. The answer is contained by the question (…). As during these over two years I have avoided commenting and have tried to be reserved in what I said in order not to be accused of influencing justice, unlike others starting with Basescu who kept influencing this case and who kept pushing. But, after the court decision, I will do the same, I will say more’, the minister said, according to Agerpres.

The DNA prosecutors asked for a custodial sentence in Dragnea’s case in the Referendum case, but did not indicate the length of the sentence, leaving that to the Court.




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