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March 23, 2023

Kovesi could become European Prosecutor

Laura Codruta Kovesi could be named European Prosecutor, and the proposal could come from behalf of Monica Macovei. Deputy Daniel Fenechiu revealed for TV station Antena 3 that the European Parliament adopted last  Wednesday the report of the Romanian MEP regarding the European Prosecutor. It is a community institution that could investigate frauds based on European funds embezzlement in EU member states, including Romania.

The adopted report is not a legal one, yet, by this document, the European Parliament shows that it is necessary to hurry the process of creating the institution of the European Prosecutor.

Enational.ro announced starting last week the possibility that Kovesi could become European Prosecutor, which would give plenty of reasons for joy to all of those who are shaking with fear thinking about the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), led by Laura Codruta Kovesi.

We are reproducing below the article ran by enational.ro, in full version:

“Politicians and billionaires of the country, the ones confronted with legal issues, cannot wait to open the bottles of champagne. It would be to celebrate, even in advance, the end of the Laura Codruta Kovesi “nightmare”. And the effusion overwhelmed many of those who had experienced the contact with Anti-Corruption prosecutors on their own skin, and many of those who know they have been targeted by the DNA, after an ordinary ballot in the European Parliament gave hope to the artisans of the strategy revealed exclusively by “National”, on rendering Laura Codruta Kovesi harmless.

Kovesi could be advanced next year in the important position of European Head Prosecutor, after officials in Brussels already approved the regulations of founding a new trans-border structure. This structure would be the European Prosecutor’s Office, due to coordinate the activity of combatting frauds related to the massive funds managed by the EU. And, as the name of Romania’s most powerful woman is already in “pole position” for the job to open soon, the DNA “customers” are already encouraging themselves that all they have to do is delay things as much as possible, until Kovesi gets to Brussels.


Prayers for Monica Macovei


The ballot in EP passed the major work by Romanian MEP Monica Macovei. Thus, she successfully introduced in front of the EP, as a report issuer, the Report on the Foundation of the European Prosecutor’s Office. With an overwhelming majority, the EP approved the regulations of creating this institution that will have the important role of investigating criminal cases, but also the one to sent to Court persons accused of having committed offences that affect the budget of the european Union. And the importance of the future structure is also emphasised by the declaration made by the European Commissioner for Justice, Vera Jourova, who mentioned that future European Prosecutors were to recover up to EUR 2 billion from their first year of activity. Yet, an undeniable fact is that, besides the massive stake of this new European project, many Romanian politicians hurried to pray for Monica Macovei’s health, hoping that, this way, even unwillingly, Macovei will rescue them from the anti-corruption crusade started by Laura Codruta Kovesi since she was appointed Head of DNA.


Unlimited power


The new structure will consist of two independent structures, and the most important of them will be that of the central office, consisting of 25 European prosecutors, selected after an open competition. The second structure will include in its competition more European prosecutors selected by members of the European Union, who will work in their countries on cases of European fund embezzlement. Yet, these delegate prosecutors will perform their activity under the coordination of the central office that, on its turn, will be led by an European Head Prosecutor. Therefore, the person in this position will actually have the European power of initiating and conducting inquiries not just at the level of European institutions but also in all countries that belong to the EU.


Kovesi is on the short list


As revealed by the information we had collected, enational.ro reported, the European commissioners are already considering a few names for the future position. And the short list of nominations for the position of European Head Prosecutor already includes Laura Codruta Kovesi. Which only fueled the “hysteria” of “stained” politicians and billionaires, who are already making calculations in order to see whether the end of Kovesi’s term as Head of DNA next spring does coincide with the start of the activity of the future European Head Prosecutors. And, as calculations seem to fit, Romanian members of the European Parliament are already overwhelmed by unofficial pleas from behalf of their party colleagues in the country, especially those who are denigrating the Head of DNA most intensely here. They beg the MEPs to support by any means Kovesi’s candidacy for Brussels. Yet, the thing they forgot to ask themselves, so far, is whether Laura Codruta Kovesi agrees with this promotion or not, enational.ro concludes.


Predoiu: It is a plot to exile Kovesi to Brussels


The intended Prime Minister of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Catalin Predoiu launched the presumption that a “genuine plot” destined to “exile” the Head of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) to Brussels was led by Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

“Victor Ponta: ‘Because of the DNA, we do not absorb European funds’. The explanation of this phrase is that Ponta leads a genuine plot to exile Kovesi to Brussels. This way, he targets to offer an unhoped gift to corrupt people keeping him in the Government. As I said, Victor, are you scared?”, Predoiu wrote in a post on his socializing page.



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