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October 25, 2021

Traian Basescu harshly attacks Ponta on Facebook again: “May God be merciful of you and your gang!”

Traian Basescu launched on Sunday, on Facebook, another wave of harsh criticism on PM Victor Ponta, describing him as a “plagiarist and a liar”. The new reason for Basescu’s anger is represented by Ponta’s latest declarations on the absorption of European funds.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta had declared in an interview that the absorption of European funds has increased from 7 per cent to over 53 per cent and that all European programs were unblocked. “Now, we have the new financial year, too. My priority related to funds is to do each time good things by increasingly transparent means and better paid civil servants”, Ponta mentioned.

Traian Basescu criticised the statements made by the Prime Minister, accusing him of “false propaganda”.

“From clubs in the Emirates, the liar and plagiarist says, as I quote: ‘The absorption of European funds has increased from 7 per cent to over 53 per cent and all European programs were unblocked. Now, we have the new financial year, too.’

What the liar and plagiarist omits to say is that:

  1. The 53 per cent were absorbed based on contracts signed during Emil Boc’s time as a Prime Minister
  2. In the over three years the liar and plagiarist has held this position, no significant contract was signed, based on European funds, due to the incompetence and corruption of the ‘most honest Government’
  3. Of the EUR 19 billion granted by EU for cohesion funds (highways, railways, river barraging, labour force training and retraining, modernization of hospitals and schools, insulation of buildings, creating jobs, etc.), under the leadership of the liar and plagiarist, the country will lose approximately EUR 7 billion because the ‘most honest Government’ is afraid of DNA.
  4. After hiding the fact that the incompetence and corruption of the present Government will make Romania lose at least EUR 7 billion by the end of this year, the liar and plagiarist tells us how well he would use the money in the new financial year of the EU.

So, liar, if DNA prevents you now from spending the money you have at hand until the end of the year, do you think they will not stand in your way next year as well? Do you really hope to liquidate DNA to make European money available to your corrupt customers?

For three years, the head plagiarist of this country has placed all cards on false propaganda, well performed by the disciples of informant Felix from A3 and of the younger successor of the informant, Sebastian Ghita from RoTV. May God be merciful of you and your gang, when Romanians will understand how much you had lied to them”, Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.




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