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December 7, 2021

Infomatrix: International IT competition in Bucharest

Hundreds of pupils and students from 49 countries will present 200 IT&C projects in a competition which debuted in 2003

Several hundred pupils and students from 49 countries will be in Bucharest on May 14-18 in order to take part in Infomatrix, an international IT projects competition organized by the Lumina Education Institutions Foundation in collaboration with the Education and Scientific Research Ministry.

Coming from almost all continents, the participants will meet in Bucharest in order to compete in one of the following categories: Computer Art, Hardware Control, Programming, Short Movie and Robotics. Almost 200 projects have been signed up for what is bound to be a very fierce competition.

As happens every year, the robot fights included in the Robotics category will draw hundreds of visitors and the robot rally will certainly be appreciated too. Over 200 robots will face off in the competition and only the best will win.

Extremely interesting projects have been signed up within the other categories too, ranging from programs meant to detect serious illness to 3D printers designed by pupils and students. The theme selected this year for the Short Movie category – Theft and its social effects – will surely generate exceptional short-reels.

The goal of the competition is to encourage youngsters to use their imagination, passion and creativity in order to come up with technological innovations that could lead to positive change in society. It is known that each year IT&C companies keep a close eye on the participants and even show interest in buying some projects designed by the pupils and students that have signed up for Infomatrix.

Infomatrix is an international competition organized each year in Romania, starting in 2003, by the Lumina Education Institutions Foundation. The competition seeks to allow the best IT pupils and students to get to know each other and to exchange ideas through the presentation of IT&C projects.

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