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August 17, 2022

New hearings in case in which Traian Basescu is accused of blackmail

Lower Chamber MP Eugen Nicolicea and Senator Mircea Dobra were heard on Tuesday by High Court of Justice (ICCJ) prosecutors in the case in which former president Traian Basescu is accused of blackmailing Senator Gabriela Firea. They gave statements as members of the parliamentary commission that investigated the legality of the purchase of plots of land in Nana commune, Calarasi County.

Senators Serban Nicolae and Mihai Fifor also gave statements in this case at the end of March.

The parliamentary commission was made up of Lower Chamber MPs Eugen Nicolicea, Costel Alexe, Ioan Cupsa, Vicentiu Mircea Irimie, Adrian Solomon and Senators Mihai Fifor, Gabriela Firea, Nicolae Serban, Mircea Dobra, Iulian Dumitrescu and Teiu Paunescu.

Former President Traian Basescu was heard on March 24 in the case in which Senator Gabriela Firea accuses him of blackmail.

Lucian Bolcas, Gabriela Firea’s lawyer, explained after leaving the hearings that Traian Basescu’s lawyers should prepare a “very strong” defence.

“I cannot tell you anything because it primarily concerns the tactics of the defence, the witnesses were proposed by suspect Traian Basescu in his defence, and I don’t want to offer details on the tactics of the defence. They should prepare to defend him very strongly. It would mean to reveal to you what I think about this case, but it would seem that, up to now, God is supporting Gabriela Firea, she gave birth to a baby boy. Congratulations to her! Other witnesses will be heard too,” Bolcas said.

After leaving the hearings, MP Dorin Dobra explained that he did not pay attention to the public debates and exercised his role within the commission as best he could. “My statements concerned solely this quality, as witness in this trial. I said I took into account from the start the whole debate about the commission, I knew it was going to be a great debate. I did not pay attention to these debates. I found it more important for us, the members of the commission, to be able to work,” Dobra said.

After leaving the hearings, Eugen Nicolicea, chairman of the Nana Commission, explained that he was subpoenaed as a witness. “Mr. Basescu’s lawyer has asked for all members of the commission to be heard. Considering I was chairman of the commission, I was subpoenaed as a witness. My statement helps in finding out the truth. The judges will establish the truth. At the time the statements were made I was no longer chairman of the commission,” Nicolicea said.

The Supreme Court’s Prosecutor’s Office ordered, on March 11, the start of the prosecution against Traian Basescu. Investigators reopened on 30 December 2014 the case in which Gabriela Firea accused Traian Basescu of blackmail, as a result of the fact that the former head of state no longer had immunity. Investigations in this case had been suspended by prosecutors until President Traian Basescu finished his term in office.


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