Sorin Oprescu wants another term as Mayor of Bucharest

General Mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu presented on Tuesday some of his achievements during his terms as Mayor, announcing Bucharesters when he was to finish his long awaited projects. Oprescu named district mayors “rulers”, Ion Iliescu “grandpa”, Klaus Iohannis “a peaceful man” and said he was feeling uncomfortable because of the activity of Anti-Corruption prosecutors who keep delaying his projects.

Asked whether he would run for another term as Mayor of Bucharest next year, Oprescu gave a positive answer.

“Yes, theoretically yes, because I have a positive ambition: I want to finish everything I started”, Sorin Oprescu declared for ZF Live.

On announcing his candidacy, Oprescu said that it would come “when everybody else makes the announcement.”

All of them are waiting one another, considering that they might become targets. Theoretically, I would like to have one more term, if Bucharesters agree. If they want me, that’s great; if they do not, that’s great, too, and I will have to take it”, Oprescu declared.

The Mayor of Bucharest declared that he needed no opinion polls to make a decision. “I have my own common sense, I need no opinion polls”, he outlined, reminding listeners that, in a month, he would celebrate seven years since he was elected General Mayor, a time when plenty of things were accomplished, although there are weak points as well.

“The important thing is that, in these seven years, I never wasted tine arguing or accusing anyone. (…) I kept silent, I minded my own business, I never bored anyone with scandals and things kept being accomplished. My only regret is that I did not manage to do them faster”, Sorin Oprescu added.

Under these circumstances, the General Mayor expressed his discontentment for having heard “some nonsense launched by control structures of the state” regarding certain aspects in the activity of the Bucharest Mayoralty.

“The Court of Auditors, and others as well because everybody is in control in our country”, Oprescu continued by giving a few more examples.

Asked which of the District Mayors who would compete with him in the election next year would have greater chances to win, Sorin Oprescu avoided answering the question:

“I do not know what their chances are, I have my own barometer. When I leave my house and I walk on the streets, things are clear to me. When people avoid looking at you, something is wrong. When people look at you and smile, things are OK”, the General Mayor pointed out.


“PSD stays in the Government until 2016 if the Tax Code shows a positive side”


Oprescu showed his discontentment on the raid performed by Anti-Corruption prosecutors on contracting companies, revealing that he had talked about this matter at a recent “meeting with prosecutors” he was invited to attend:

“I begged of them: Let them finish the works, ‘I have nobody else to work with now’. Soon, you will see an inflation of apartment-based companies,” Oprescu also added.

Asked whether he personally felt “comfortable” about DNA, Oprescu replied: “I do not feel comfortable because my activity in the Mayoralty is perpetually being blocked. People are afraid to sign papers!”

“Let them come, sir!”, he said, when asked what he would do if he found that prosecutors raided the Mayoralty.

On the other hand, Oprescu defended ex-Mayoralty manager Madalin Dumitru, sued for corruption offences.

“I looked over his charges. 85 of them are home tasks: he made a fence to his lover’s yard, he held the door for her and he rented a car. Anything is possible and nobody is safe. One man who sits at his desk may discover tomorrow that a prosecutor is arresting him for having the impression that he whistled in the church”, Oprescu commented.

Asked whether he had discussed his third term with PSD leaders, Oprescu replied: “I did not discuss explicitly with them, first of all because it is still very early”. The Mayor pointed out that he was also voted for by members of other parties.

Sorin Oprescu firmly believes that PSD would stay in the Government until 2016.

“I think they will, if the Tax Code shows its positive side as well, and Romanians gain trust that they are not fooled by anyone”, he explained.

Asked about new President Klaus Iohannis, the Mayor of Bucharest described him as “a peaceful man who reveals his opinions”.

Sorin Oprescu rejected the ideas that Iohannis is “pressing the buttons.”

“The buttons… I am afraid that people around him might give him no more than a fox of buttons, without any wires. (…) I saw it! You receive a box with beautiful colored buttons, red, green and so on. You press them, but you are unaware that, below, they have cut the wires. In grandpa’s time, sorry, in Mr. Iliescu’s time, I call him grandpa with respect and affection, they were afraid to cut the wires. I think grandpa was constantly removing the lid to see whether anyone reacts to the buttons or not”, Oprescu further commented.

Sorin Oprescu firmly denied any intention to return to PSD, to gain their support in the elections.

“It is inadequate to do such thing. I had an honourable exit and you never heard me discussing the inside affairs of the party”, he concluded.

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