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June 28, 2022

Blaga, about the motion: “We will submit it in June. The topic will be impossible to refuse, regardless of political conviction”

Co-President of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Vasile Blaga declared on earlier this week during a special edition, at Realitatea TV, hosted by  Ovidiu Marincea, that PNL will submit the motion of censure to change „the most harmful Government since ’90” in June and the topic of the motion will be “impossible to refuse”, Blaga mentioned, regardless of the political area the member of the Parliament comes from.

“I never gave any deadlines for the change of a Government, because you can only change a Government constitutionally, and there are three versions: by anticipated elections, as we wished to, but it is impossible in post-Revolution Romania. It could have changed if Victor Ponta was able to understand the painful defeat he had suffered on November 16, and I do not see Victor Ponta resigning under any circumstances, there is the option of the motion of censure we promised to submit in June. We have established the topic. We are making calculations for the success of such measure and it is not a simple thing (…) Discutions were permanent throughout this period. For the first time since I joined politics, a party prepares their governing program in due time. Now, we started it in advance, and the project is being discussed since January. We presented it to all political forces in the Parliament, except for PSD, in order to create a critical mass, because this is the only way you can build a majority to overturn the Ponta Government”, Vasile Blaga declared.

Asked what the chances of this motion are to pass in the Parliament, Vasile Blaga declared:

“I never ventured to declare any results for the Presidential elections either/ In February, I thought that everybody had had enough of Ponta in February, including his traditional partners.  (…) I truly hope that it will happen. Just look at the way he is governing: “after us, the deluge”. Just look at the measures he has adopted. In our governing program, we mentioned very clearly: obviously, we are militating for the reduction of tax power, but we kept repeating that all of these things needed to be prepared properly. A study of impact needed to be performed regarding the tax cut, as Victor Ponta sees it. Here, today, the European Commission says it: “Take care, my friends, take good care. You have cut investments, you will have a deficit of over 1.5 per cent this year and of over 3.2 per cent next year”, Blaga also added.

Under these circumstances, Blaga pointed out that PNL chooses to overtake the Government as fast as possible and that they are restarting discussions with UNPR on Monday, to create the “critical mass” they need in order to overtake the Government.

“The building of a grand centre-right winged party, the new PNL, requires a lot of local work, because you need to change mentalities, and my colleagues must understand, too, that we are no longer talking about a small, joint-like party, but about the biggest political force in the country. (…) We want to overtake the Government as fast as possible. We want it very much and this is why discussions take so long. On Monday, we will restart discussions with UNPR, to create that critical mass needed to overtake the Government. Just see what PSD is doing this week, in the domain of changing the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. PSD has a history of starting to obstruct justice when their colleagues are in trouble. Just remember the Black Tuesday and the infamous Amnesty Law. (…)  We think of a topic that was on the citizens’ agenda and that is impossible to refuse, regardless of the political group you belong to”, the PNL Co-President also pointed out.

On the other hand, asked why he had said, initially, that he and Alina Gorghiu were supporting the two round elections for Mayors and why he had finally changed his mind, Blaga mentioned:

“We, in the plenum, are supporting our amendments regarding the election of mayors and presidents of County Councils in two rounds. But there are two possibilities: either you stick with way of electing mayors and presidents of county councils, or you change the law as much as you can, because in the Electoral Code Committee, there are five of us from the opposition and ten people from PSD and their supporters. They are twice as many as us. In plenum, once again, they have majority and then, confronted with two bad things, we tried to solve this issue at least as far as  County Council Presidents are concerned”, Blaga replied.

Asked whether he has reached this result based on negotiations, the PNL Co-President declared:

“In the discussions with the Electoral Code Committee, I did. They did not want to agree with anything, the election of Mayors and County Council Presidents included. Why are we talking about County Council Presidents? The Mayors usually manage the the resources they collect with the Local Councils, by decisions of public local authorities, when, in the case of County Council Presidents, they also manage resources of the central budget and, unfortunately, almost all of them are in trouble. At that point, we said that it is much better if we returned to the old system, especially if members of PSD do not want two round elections, because citizens know whom they are electing, they are familiar with the list of county councilors they are electing and they know who is on top of the list”, Vasile Blaga declared.


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