Decisions in Elena Udrea and Liviu Dragnea cases postponed

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) has postponed until Thursday its decision on the appeal introduced by ex-Minister Elena Udrea against the Court decision to keep her under arrest in the Gala Bute case.

Udrea’s appeal was heard on Tuesday, but the judges postponed making a decision to two days later.

Elena Udrea was incarcerated at the Targsor Prison after being referred to court on 21 April in the Gala Bute case, charged with the commission of three bribery offences, abuse of office and attempted use of false, incomplete or inaccurate declarations for unjustly obtaining European Funds.

Ex-Economy Minister Ion Ariton, the former President of the Romanian Boxing Federation, Rudel Obreja, Tudor Breazu, the manager of Udrea’s Nana estate, Stefan Lungu, Udrea’s ex-advisor, Gheorghe Nastasia, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Ana Maria Topoliceanu, former Director of the National Investment Company, Dragoș Marius Botoroagă, company manager.

DNA claim Udrea coordinated a scheme through which people close to her, including Lungu, Topoliceanu, Nastasia and Breazu, received, with her knowledge, money from various companies in order to guarantee timely payment for contracts financed by the ministry headed by the defendant.


Dragnea to find out decision in Referendum Case on May 15


The decision in the Liviu Dragnea Referendum case, where the PSD Executive President has been on trial, was also postponed by the High Court on Wednesday until 15 May.

Liviu Dragnea, PSD Secretary General at the date when the offences were committed, was brought to trial on the charge of using his influence or authority as a person holding a leading position in a political party to obtain undue benefits for self or for others.

The case concerns the 2012 referendum for the dismissal of President Traian Basescu. According to the prosecutors’ indictment, ‘Liviu Dragnea, on the occasion of the organisation and holding of the referendum on 29 July 2012, used his influence and authority in his party for obtaining undue benefits of an electoral nature for the political alliance his party belonged to – the fulfilment of the minimum turnout rate with the help of the votes obtained under conditions other than legal’.

On the last court date, the Prosecution asked for a custodial sentence for Dragnea. On Tuesday, Liviu Dragnea said there was no ‘solid’ evidence against him, but just ‘assertions, considerations and deductions’. ‘I am absolutely convinced of my innocence, I have strongly claimed it all this time. I and I believe the Court have not identified any serious piece of evidence administered by the prosecutor. It’s just a series of assertions, considerations, deductions, suppositions and I hope I will get an acquittal tomorrow (Wednesday – editor’s note)’, Dragnea said.




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