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March 6, 2021

Mircea Geoana makes new political alliance

Having recently signed an agreement with PNL for unseating the Ponta Government, Romanian Social Party (PSRo) leader Mircea Geoana on Tuesday signed a new protocol for parliamentary cooperation with the National Democratic Party (PND) for strengthening the group and its action.

The document was signed by the leaders of the parliamentary groups of the two parties – Stefan Burlacu (PND) and Florentin Gust (PSRo).

‘What we are doing today has neither the magnitude or the ambition of our agreement with PNL, because, in this situation, we are talking about a parliamentary cooperation for the duration of the current parliamentary term, until 2016, and according to our individual and common performance, when the time comes, we will decide if we should take further steps. It’s a different category, a different type of political agreement. I am convinced that, together, we can be a much healthier opposition here, in the Chamber of Deputies, and give the country a new majority when the time comes. This will be done as things develop in Parliament and on the Romanian political stage’, PSRo President Mircea Geoana said.

He noted that that intention in a first phase was to improve the effectiveness of work in the opposition in Parliament by the signing of the agreement for parliamentary and political cooperation.

Mircea Geoana explained that it was an agreement between the MPs of the two parties and that no relations had been established ‘with a third party or third MPs’.

PND President Daniel Fenechiu, in turn, said that with the new protocol a larger parliamentary group (22) had been set up, ‘which will definitely have a different impact on the future moves in Parliament’.

PNL spokesperson Cristina Pocora said on Monday, regarding the protocol signed by the Romanian Social Party (PSRo) and the National Democratic Party (PND), that it was Mircea Geoana’s decision how he wanted to make his party stronger, but stressed that it would need to be within the boundaries of the protocol signed with PNL.

‘PNL and Mircea Geoana’s party have signed a protocol. Apart from that, it is Mr. Geoana and his colleagues’ problem how he wants to make their party stronger, within the boundaries of the protocol already in place with us’, Pocora said during a press conference.

Asked if PNL intended to sign a protocol for parliamentary support with the People’s and Democratic group, she answered: ‘As long as Mr. Geoana’s party signed with the party headed by Mr. Fenechiu, I trust we can work very well together’.


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