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September 29, 2022

10 years since Romania signed the EU Accession Treaty

This year’s celebration of Europe Day also coincides with the anniversary of ten years since the signing of the Treaty of Romania joining the EU, a crucial event that irreversibly marks the contemporary history of Romania.

On April 2005, Neumunster Abbey in Luxembourg had hosted the signing of the Treaty of Accession to the European Union of Romania and Bulgaria.

Previously, on April 13, 2005, the European Parliament had approved the Treaty of Accession of Romania and Bulgaria, thus granting them permission to join the EU. The Parliament in Strasbourg voted with 497 votes for, 93 against and 71 abstaining in favour of Romania’s accession. Bulgaria’s joining was approved by 522 votes for, 70 against and 69 abstaining.

From behalf of Romania, the treaty was signed by President Traian Basescu, Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Foreign Affairs Minister  Mihai Razvan Ungureanu and the head negotiator with the European Union, Leonard Orban.

The Treaty of Accession came into effect on January 1, 2007, the day of EU expansion.

The anniversary of 10 years since signing the Treaty of Accession to EU by Romania was saluted on April 25 by President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Victor Ponta and by Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu, who outlined in their messages the importance of the date of April 25, 2005.


Iohannis: Signing of EU accession treaty acknowledged Romania being ready to join democracy space


‘The signing of the accession treaty came after a difficult negotiating process that marked deep-going transformations in many of Romania’s economic and social areas. That moment signified acknowledgement of Romania being ready to become a member of the European Union, to join a space of values defined by democracy, the rule of law, market economy, respect for the fundamental human rights and freedoms. Today, we can be proud of being part of a union of sovereign states that plays a significant part globally, of the great European family which fundamental objectives are securing peace, stability and prosperity for its citizens and promoting democracy and the rule of law. Romania has proved being a credible and predictable partner that consistently speaks up in favour of deepening the European design and the fundamental principles and values of the European Union being observed,’ reads the presidential message.

Iohannis says the path travelled by Romania since the signing of the accession treaty has not been easy, but Romania has transformed itself a lot in terms of state and society, while deploying significant efforts for modernisation.

‘The EU membership Romania won on January 1, 2007 has brought multiple benefits to the Romanian citizens. The establishment of a legislative framework in line with that of the European Union, securing access to structural and cohesion funds, the freedom of movement for persons inside the EU, as well as the access of Romanian companies to the single European market are some of the benefits. There are still some unfinished integration processes, such as accession to the Schengen Area and switching over to the European single currency. We remain deeply attached to achieving these two objectives as well as soon as possible,’ says Iohannis.

He says Romania will continue to support the consolidation of the European Union and support the preservation of the unity of the European design and solidarity among the member states as core elements of the design.

‘There are all premises in place for Romania to consolidate its place inside the European Union, so that our voice can be stronger as far as the European decision making process is concerned. Our common action will be steered that way. I am convinced that, based on the experience acquired for 10 years after the signing of the accession treaty we will better capitalise on the opportunities generated by our EU membership to the benefit of all Romanian nationals,’ reads the message.


PM Ponta: European Union is already an integral part of our lives


In a message on the 10th anniversary of the Accession Treaty between Romania and the European Union, Prime Minister Victor Ponta says EU membership offers Romania many economic and social advantages.

‘Ten years ago precisely, the Tariceanu Government was signing Romania’s Accession Treaty with the European Union, after the Nastase Government concluded the highly important process of accession negotiations. Today, the European Union is already an integral part of our lives and this status offers us many economic and social advantages, as well as security and diplomatic benefits,’ Ponta says in his message.

He also reaffirms the Romanian Government’s strong commitment to the European design and to achieving all the objectives entitled by Romania’s membership of this large family.


MAE: EU accession treaty, a landmark that triggered irreversible changes in modern Romanian society


Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) is hailing the 10th anniversary of the signing in Luxembourg of the Accession Treaty between Romania and the European Union, ‘a moment with a special significance in the recent history of Romania and a landmark that preceded Romania’s accession to the EU on January 1, 2007.’

‘Accession to the EU, for which the signing of the accession treaty which 10th anniversary we are celebrating today was a landmark, is the most important national objective of Romania in the past 25 years, which, alongside accession to NATO, triggered irreversible changes in the modernisation of the Romanian society by fully connecting it to the set of European and Euro-Atlantic values and principles. The success of the project was grounded in the consensus of the entire Romanian society and political class. The enduring changes in the Romanian society were possible because of domestic solidarity and also because of support for the advancement of the enlargement process provided Europewide, one of the most successful European policies,’ Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu is quoted as saying in a press release issued by MAE on April 25

The Romanian chief diplomat says Romania is a supporter inside the EU of the European integration process continuing along with the EU action to promote stability and prosperity in South-Eastern Europe and consolidating its role as a global player.

The signing of the accession treaty opened the final stage in Romania’s journey to become a member of one of the most important design generating peace, unity and prosperity in Europe, and the majority support for the European design coming from the Romanian citizens is a premise for consolidating Romania’s role and contribution to the European decision-making process, says Aurescu.

‘Current challenges facing the European Union call for consistent and unitary responses from the European Union, more than ever before, with positive impacts on all the European citizens. That is why Romania will continue support for joint EU efforts to materialise the major objectives in the current agenda related to economic growth, employment and the consolidation of competitiveness. At the same time, Romania remains a promoter of the advancement of European integration and joins the demarches Europewide to promote respect for the fundamental European principles and values and the fight against anti-European, xenophobic and extremist tendencies,’ said Aurescu, according to Agerpres.



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