Iohannis, dissatisfied with “Ponta’s new method to make foreign policy”, criticizes Gov’t for the poor preparation of health card implementation

Returned from Gdansk where he attended the events celebrating  the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, President Klaus  Iohannis has brought a great deal of criticism on Prime Minister Victor Ponta for failing to discuss with him in advance on the visit he had in the Gulf countries. In addition, Iohannis expressed dissatisfaction with a series of malfunctions in society, such as chaos in recent days generated by the health card.


“Ponta on his own to Gulf countries, never discussed with me in advance”


President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday that Prime Minister Victor Ponta did not discuss with him in advance on the latter’s visit to the Gulf countries, saying that this is ‘a new method of making foreign policy.’

‘Victor Ponta left on his own. He didn’t talk to me in advance on the visit he had in the Gulf countries,’ said Klaus Iohannis, at the Henri Coanda International Airport on his return from Poland.

The head of state specified that the Prime minister Victor Ponta has informed him after returning from the visit he had paid to the Arab countries that he has had ‘some sensational talks, we don’t know exactly what about, but it seems they were very good.’

‘It’s a new method to making foreign policy, each by oneself, yet probably this is how Mr. Prime Minister understood things should happen in the foreign policy,’ said Iohannis.

He highlighted that he is not asking the Prime minister extraordinary things, but an enlightening discussion ahead of such foreign visits.

‘I’m not asking for extraordinary things, nor complicated, I’m asking for things even Mr. Prime minister could do: an enlightening discussion ahead would certainly help,’ the head of state concluded.


Government prepared poorly the health card implementation


The President  said that the Government prepared poorly the health card implementation.

“It is a real problem. The Government has prepared poorly the health card implementation. I have seen thousands of people waiting in lines, however not being able to benefit from the health services they are entitled to. It is a public scandal,” Iohannis said at the Henri Coanda International Airport after returning from Poland.

When asked if he will talk with the Prime Minister about this matter, the head of state replied: “I will most certainly talk about this matter.”




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