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October 4, 2022

Metropolitan Life launches Wise Plan, an innovative insurance solution

* Wise Plan is a complete solution that offers clients protection customized to their lifestyle and the opportunity to save and invest for the future


Metropolitan Life has recently launched Wise Plan, a complete insurance solution with an investment component that offers Romanians flexible protection customized to their lifestyle, as well as the opportunity to save and invest for the future. Wise Plan brings innovation to the Romanian insurance industry, offering clients the adequate protection of their specific needs, as well as unique bonuses for the happy events of their lives and for insured events that do not come to pass, starting in the fifth year of contract, or up to 5 per cent bonus in relation to the value of the insurance bonus paid.

“Metropolitan Life aims to support Romanians in their future plans and plans to permanently offer them the appropriate instruments in order to make good choices for the future. We invest in developing our solutions in order to always answer the needs and expectations of the clients and we are by their side in the important moments of their lives. Through Wise Plan, Romanians protect their plans and desired lifestyle, while at the same time building a safer future for themselves and their families through investments made on the basis of the knowledge and expertise of managers of world-renowned investment funds,” Metropolitan Life CEO Emilia Bunea (photo) stated.

Wise Plan is addressed to Romanians with ages ranging from 6 months to 60 years. The four protection packages – Energetic, Active, Responsible and Moderate – that can be attached to the product in order to maximize the benefits of the insurance are flexible and customized to the clients’ lifestyles, including benefits dedicated to the specific needs of each category of clients. The protection solutions ensure support in unfortunate situations such as death and permanent invalidity as a result of an accident, fractures and burns, accidents that require hospitalization and surgery interventions.

The Wise Plan solution stands out in the insurance industry through the unique benefits offered for the happy events in the clients’ lives. Thus, clients receive bonuses of 50 per cent of the annual bonus when they get married, when a child is born or when the child enrols in faculty. At the same time, they benefit from 30 per cent extra protection after 5 years of contract, from bonuses meant to celebrate insured events that did not come to pass, as well as loyalty bonuses starting in the sixth year of contract.


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