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April 15, 2021

President Iohannis upon his return from Gdansk: I reiterated in Poland Romania’s commitment to the European project

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday stated that, in Poland, where he participated in the events marking the 70th anniversary since the end of WWII, he reiterated Romania’s commitment to the European project.

‘We live in a world full of challenges, where these values must be continuously reaffirmed and strengthened. After 70 years since the end of the WWII, unfortunately, we find ourselves in the situation to seek again the necessary solidarity to maintain peace and security. The European Union, a unique project in the recent history, continues to be the guarantee of peace on our continent and to represent the principles and democratic values that unite us and that we are decided to defend, both at home and in our immediate vicinity. This vision was expressed by all the former participants in the manifestations in Gdansk. And, last but not least, I reiterated Romania’s commitment to the European project, to a Europe of democracy and peace, more united, stronger, closer to its citizens,’ Iohannis said on the Henri Coanda Airport, upon his return from Poland.

He specified that at the political panel dedicated to European integration and its current signification, the first message he delivered referred to the importance of preserving the memory of the past and the painful lessons of history.

‘Freedom and peace must never be taken as granted,’ said Iohannis.

In a release to Agerpres, the Presidential Administration added that, in Poland, the head of the state also talked about the lesson learned after the war and about the current challenges of our world.

‘We are living in a world that is defined by challenges and we need to always protect and strengthen these values. One of the main lessons of the WWII was the defeat of hate, prejudices and tensions between nations, as well as the elimination of things that separate people, in order to replace them with those that keep them united. The tight cooperation for peace brought stability and prosperity in the second half of the 20th century Europe. The European project, the most successful project of its kind in the entire history is, today, more relevant than ever,’ said Iohannis.

Moreover, he specified, according to the abovementioned source, that the act of commemoration is necessary, in order to raise awareness over the threats to peace and he said there is need to invest more in historical education.

‘Romania is decided to bring its contribution to making the European Union more functional. This means a Union close to its citizens and more focuses on the essential matters: innovative growth and jobs, home and international security, as well as an efficient and safe energy policy. I am convinced that, together, we can overcome all the obstacles, pessimisms and extreme nationalist or xenophobe trends, in order to consolidate our European project. A strong political will and a coherent action are essential so that we can reach our objective – a more integrated Europe and much more influent. This is a vision we will have to fight for together. A stronger Europe, more united and prosperous will contribute of a definite matter to the stability and security of the entire world. This would be our legacy for the next generation of Europeans, who should know peace, unity and prosperity,’ Iohannis said at the political panel in Gdansk.


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