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March 5, 2021

Romprest case: 15 people detained. Manager still nowhere to be found

Fifteen persons have been detained in the Romprest case and the prosecutors have asked for an arrest warrant by default for Florian Walter, manager of the company, who is nowhere to be found. An all-points bulletin has been issued for him.


Tax evasion of EUR 20 M at Romprest waste collection company


Directorate for Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) prosecutors conducted 37 searches on Wednesday morning in a tax evasion and money laundering case in which the damage is estimated at EUR 20 M. The searches targeted several companies, including the Romprest waste collection company owned by businessman Florian Walter.

DIICOT Interim Director Georgiana Hossu stated that criminal probes have started against 28 suspects in the Romprest affair, 30 companies being involved in a tax evasion case in which the damage is estimated at EUR 20 M. She added that Florian Walter is in the country but is evading the authorities, and an APB has been issued at all border-crossing points.

“We wanted to present to you today a case handled by DIICOT with the support of the General Anti-Fiscal Fraud Directorate, of the Gendarmerie and the intelligence support of the Romanian Intelligence Service. The investigations conducted by the team coordinated by DIICOT focused on false operations and fictitious financial circuits conducted in 2012-2014 by over 30 commercial companies. DIICOT has ordered the start of criminal probes against 23 persons accused of tax evasion, the damage totalling EUR 20 M. The budget was defrauded by RON 20 M in two months, in 2012 the representative of Romprest created a fictitious circuit consisting of 4 commercial companies in order to hide the illegal origin of a large quantity of calcium chloride. (…) Money laundering was a component of the activity. 37 searches have taken place in this case, the suspects’ assets and accounts have been frozen. 50 persons will be brought in for hearings. The leader of the group is currently evading the criminal probe. There are clues that he is in the country and at any rate we have taken the necessary measures in order to keep him within the country, wherever he is. Border-crossing points have been notified,” the head of DIICOT stated during a press conference.

The searches took place in Prahova, Ilfov, Giurgiu, Cluj, Satu Mare, Brasov and Braila counties as well as in Bucharest.

Florian Walter was FC Petrolul’s majority shareholder as well as one of the shareholders of FC Dinamo, a club from which he withdrew in 2009. He then took over FC Universitatea Cluj and in the summer of 2012 moved to FC Petrolul. In the summer of 2013 Walter returned to U Cluj.

Nicolae Capra, one of FC Petrolul’s financiers, is also involved in the tax evasion case in which businessman Florian Walter is investigated.

Judicial sources have stated for Agerpres that Nicolae Capra and his wife Cristiana were controlling some of the companies involved in the crime group set up by Walter and persons close to him. Nicolae Capra and his wife were arraigned last December, alongside 14 other persons including Daniel Capra, Petrolul’s main financier, and FC Petrolul General Manager Marius Bucuroiu, in a tax evasion case in which the damage was estimated at EUR 15.4 M.



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