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May 19, 2022

Telekom Romania – valuable contributor for a sustainable development of Romania

Telekom Romania, the largest integrated telecommunications operator on the Romanian market, is actively contributing to the sustainable development of the Romanian society.  The group of companies already invested over 1 billion Euros in the past 5 years for the development of the infrastructure for fix and mobile communications.

Besides its innovative commercial initiatives, it fully supports all major initiatives meant to develop the country’s telecommunications infrastructure. The latest endeavor is accomplishing the first phase of the RoNet project which will ensure the connectivity of 784 localities in white areas to broadband services.

Telekom Romania is also aiming at accelerating economic growth and prosperity through e-government, e-health and e-learning programs.

In 2015, Telekom Romania will continue its significant investments by allocating over 160 million euros in the best-in-class network and customer excellence. More concrete, the investments will be directed in developing Romania’s infrastructure in order to offer the customers reliable and top quality services and products, to boost fix-mobile convergence and to become Romanians top preferred integrated telecommunications operator.

“In 2015, we will redirect the most important part of the forecasted investments, of over 160 million Euros, to the further roll-out of our network, to ensure technological leadership, driven by innovation. A part of this amount will come from the divestment of non-core assets, such as real estate and copper infrastructure which will generate capital to deliver this goal. Basically, in 2015, every meter of monetised old technology, such as copper, will be transformed into a new, modern one, such as fiber-to-the-home”, stated Nikolai Beckers, CEO of the Telekom Romania operations.

He added that “integrated offers are the future in the telecom industry and we are best positioned to win the game. In brief, our fixed-mobile convergent services story is: all from one provider, delivering best value, maximum convenience with a single bill and customer care and attractive handset offer. But we will not stop here: we will improve the processes, we will expand the handsets offer and we will make sure that the fixed-mobile customer will get the best and the fastest service in the call center”.

The integrated offers are even more attractive due to the new IPTV service which provides the best TV experience on the Romanian market. Combined with the exclusive sports content, such as Champions League and Europe League, available from September 2015.

To maintain technological leadership, Telekom Romania will continue the IP migration of current customers. Thus, they will benefit from modern and improved services. Furthermore, we will continue the expansion of fibre optic based technologies (FTTH/FTTB). The estimated households’ footprint for fibre for 2015 is over one million, while by the end of 2016 will reach 2 million. On the mobile segment, the 4G coverage will double until year-end.

Innovation and technological leadership drive also the commercial offers of Telekom Romania for companies. Thus, in the portfolio are available extensive and complete fixed and mobile solutions, applications and IT integrated solutions to which can be added  innovative cloud and M2M solutions, meant to generate competitiveness. The synergies at Deutsche Telekom level will bring benefits for local customers, too. One such example is service “Cloud VPN”, a service for virtual private networks which was launched in March 2015, in premiere by Deutsche Telekom in Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, and will be introduced also in Romania.

Telekom Romania, in which are comprised the initiatives listed above, will ensure the sustainable development of Romania and achieve all its 2015 objectives by being part of a pan-European network launched by Deutsche Telekom and benefiting from major investments.




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