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January 24, 2022

Plumb writes open letter to Gorghiu: Stop protecting your corrupted party members!

Chair of the National Council of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the party’s main leading board, Rovana Plumb, is urging co-chair of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu to stop protecting PNL’s corrupted members and put a halt to the silence over PNL official Cristian Adomnintei’s legal problems.

‘I am firmly urging you, in your capacity as co-chair of PNL, to stop protecting your party’s corrupted members! I am asking you, Mrs Gorghiu, to put a halt to the silence over the legal issues plaguing Mr Cristian Adomnitei and take action to show Romanians that you have a spine! You silence in Adomnitei’s case is complicit! Although he is under judiciary surveillance, he has been saved even your slightest admonition! I believe such circumstances legitimate our question whether or not the preferential treatment of him is the result of his support for you advancing to the PNL leadership. Yet the true hypocrisy in this case comes from the virulence you displayed when attacking PSD for the case of [embattled] Iasi Mayor Nichita, who is not even investigated in any corruption case and who, unlike Adomnitei, resigned from all his party offices on his own accord,’ Plumb says in an open letter to Gorghiu released on Sunday.

She argues that the new PNL was overrun by the old Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), PNL’s onetime rivals with which it merged into the new PNL, while the statements on political integrity in Romania are mere words displayed in public.

Plumb also argues that the list of Gorghiu’s failures in the fight against corruption in her own yard is lengthening, reminding the PNL co-chair that she publicly assumed the reform of PNL.

‘You won the PNL chairmanship for publicly committing to reforming PNL in a so-called cleaning campaign of your party. Since then, you have been continually talking about the rule of law, justice and the fight against corruption. We all believe that a young leader like you will came up with a new and fresh approach of politics. But now, looking back, you have missed all the opportunities to bring the objectives you pledged to fruition! What’s more, you have taken over the hypocrisy, demagoguery and lies that consecrated the old PDL. I cannot but notice that the so-called new PNL has been overrun by the new PDL for some months now. You have continually claimed political integrity in Romania. You waved some words in public but you did nothing! You have taken no actual action! Stop claiming principles that you lack,’ says Plumb.

In the open letter, Plumb also claims Gorghiu’s speeches are lies, unlike the speeches of PSD, which ‘has already adopted the firmest integrity crteria.’


PNL’s Raetchi: Plumb criticizes Gorghiu at Prime Minister Ponta’s indications


Liberal MP Ovid Raetchi on Sunday replied to Minister of Labour and Social Protection Rovana Plumb, criticism against PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu. Raetchi  maintains  that Rovana Plumb criticizes Gorghiu at Prime Minister Ponta’s indications, being the result of a strategy ‘vaguely misogynistic’.

In addition, he complained that Plumb hasn’t said anything about allegations of abuse brought to PSD’s Gheorghe Nichita, the Iasi Mayor.

“We clearly see that it’s a vaguely misogynistic strategy orchestrated  by Victor Ponta: when Alina Gorghiu has to be attacked, the  Prime Minister, a man, avoids to do that.  He puts another woman to do it. For several months, all attacks against Gorghiu have come exclusively from Rovana Plumb. It is this way she understands the  “equality of chances  and the social protection” – to attack a colleague on order.

I want to know if Mrs. Plumb had any discussion with Gheorghe Nichita in her capacity of PSD feminist. Or maybe she hasn’t seen any problem in the fact that the Iasi mayor had terrorized  and had beaten  a young employee of the town hall, sure, when he hadn’t put the Local Police employees to track her, ” Raetchi shows in a press release.


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