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December 6, 2021

Royalty Day marked through numerous events in Bucharest

A 42-km marathon, a 21-km semi-marathon and a 10.5-km race were organized in Bucharest on Sunday, the Elizabeta Palace being the starting and finishing point of the races. The competitions were organized in order to mark the Royalty Day on May 10.

Prince Nicolae gave the start of the three events at the Elisabeta Palace, near the Village Museum, at 8 a.m. The runners used a 10.5-km route, while marathon runners ran four laps. The races took place on the following route: Arch of Triumph – Victoriei Square – Aviatorilor Statute – Charles de Gaulle Square – Herastrau Park alleys – Baneasa Bridge – Press House – Elisabeta Palace.

A maximum of 500 persons were expected to take part in each of the three races. The runners used only the sidewalks and crossed the streets using pedestrian crossing, under the guidance of the organizers.

The participants wore special “I love sport” t-shirts in order to support the cause of the event which sought to promote sport for children. The Corporeanima Association, organizer of the event, supported four projects meant to encourage children to engage in sports: Neighborhood Games, Sport Orientation, Equipment for Child Athletes and Sport Master.

The races were followed by an award ceremony for the winners, organized at the Elisabeta Palace in the presence of Princess Margareta and Princess Maria.

Also on Sunday, the Royal Family laid wreaths at the statute of Carol I, in Bucharest’s Palatului Square. Princess Margareta, Prince Radu, Princess Maria and Prince Nicolae took part in the ceremony.

The series of events dedicated to the Royalty Day, events that took place in the absence of King Mihai I, culminated with a Garden Party organized at the Elisabeta Palace on Sunday, at 5 p.m. This was the sixth consecutive year when the Garden Party event was organized on May 10.

According to a communiqué issued by King Mihai I’s Press Bureau to Mediafax, “this was the first national May 10 holiday since 1947.”

“It took Romania 67 years and 112 days to return to the May 10 national holiday. The event, which has become a tradition, will bring together 6,000 guests from all counties and from the Republic of Moldova, including central and local authority personalities, personalities from academia, culture, science and political environments, civil society and business sector personalities, representatives of the diplomatic corps and of the clergy,” the communiqué reads.

According to the aforementioned source, just like in previous years the Yakerii Acrobati aerobatic air display group flew over the Elisabeta Palace. Likewise, the Ministry of Defense’s Representative Music gave a concert in the gardens of the Palace. Princess Margareta, Prince Radu, Princess Maria and Prince Nicolae attended the Garden Party.

Royalty Day events were organized from Thursday to Sunday and included the conferring of the Royal Family’s high patronage to educational and cultural projects in Romania, the offering, on behalf of King Mihai I, of the “supplier of the Royal Family” certificate to commercial companies, a concert given by the Royal Choir directed by Eduard Dinu, the launch of the “10 May. Romanian Royal Family in Radio Broadcasts (1930-1944)” volume published by the Casa Radio publishing house in cooperation with the ‘Carol I’ Museum in Braila, the Royal Concert given by the National Radio Orchestra directed by Radu Popa, an official dinner and the “King’s Oina Cup” sports competition organized by the Romanian Oina Federation that is under the high patronage of King Mihai.

The Lower Chamber decided on April 22 that May 10 should be a national holiday, being the day that marks three historic moments – the start of Carol I’s reign, the Independence of Romania and the crowning of the country’s first king.


Royal concert at the Romanian Radio Hall


To continue the tradition established by Radio Romania during the last three seasons at the Romanian Radio Hall, at the beginning of May, the Romanian Radio National Orchestra invited the audience to a thrilling performance: the Royal Concert, aimed to celebrate the King’s Day in Romania (10th of May). The event enjoyed the presence of the members of the Romanian Royal Family.

On Friday, May 8th, at 7.00 PM, the programme of the Royal Concert featured a masterpiece of the Russian symphony repertoire: Piano Concerto No. 2 by Rachmaninoff, considered to be the last Romantic composer.

The concert showcased as soloist pianist Horia Mihail, a soloist of the Romanian Radio Orchestras and Choirs, one of the most appreciated Romanian pianists of today, well-known to the Romanian audience especially for the national tours The Travelling Piano, the Duel of Violins (together with Liviu Prunaru and Gabriel Croitoru), the Golden Flute (together with Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu) and George Enescu’s Violin in Romanian Villages (together with Gabriel Croitoru).

The evening opend with the Royal Hymn of Romania, composed by Eduard Hübsch. The second part of the evening featured Symphony in D minor, the famous composition authored by César Franck, who composed his masterpieces in his last 5 years of life, and was acknowledged as a highly original composer only a few months before he passed away. Franck was one of the great organ players of his epoch and religious music strongly influenced his compositions. On these grounds music specialists argue that Franck’s compositions recall the atmosphere of a cathedral and have a peculiar peaceful effect on the listener.


PM Ponta: My best wishes of respect and esteem to the Royal House


On Sunday, May 10, Royalty Day in Romania, Prime Minister Victor Ponta congratulated the Royal House, saying the day is one of Romania’s most important public holidays and hailing Parliament for its decision to declare May 10 a public holiday.

‘On this occasion, I want to extend best wishes of respect and esteem, on my behalf and the behalf of the Romanian Government, to the Royal House, as a token of our esteem for their contribution to our national history, integrity and identity,’ Ponta says in a message.

He mentions that King’s Day is one of the most important public holidays in Romania that used to be the national holiday of the country after the Independence War and the coronation of King Carol I, all the way to the end of WWII, and that in the past Romanians would celebrate the day by flower fights and fireworks, spending the holiday together with the royals.

‘I believe it is important for us to relive that celebratory atmosphere now, and in this sense I am hailing Parliament for its decision this April to pass Draft Law 609/013 declaring May 10 a public holiday. The Royal House has supported Romania in difficult moments, learned us what patriotism means, while providing the country a strong direction by defining high moral standards. We ought to sustain such values, respect our history and teach the newer generation how to do the same,’ reads Ponta’s message


Iohannis: We are celebrating our identity, our joy of being a united, free country in Europe


President Klaus Iohannis says May 10 is a day that has to do with Romania’s statehood, as it is the day when Romanians celebrate their identity and their joy of being a united and free country in Europe.

‘May 10 is deeply related to Romania’s statehood. We own the greatness of this day to the forerunners of our nation, King Carol I, the Crown and our brave troops. By celebrating this day, we are celebrating in fact our indents and joy of being a united and free country in Europe,’ Iohannis says in a post on Facebook.



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