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March 6, 2021

Faruk Erduran, Director at the ISB: “Demand for international education is growing”

As the demand for international education is growing, so is the International School of Bucharest, (ISB) which after humble beginnings is now a major institution reaching almost full capacity at its modern campus by the Pantelimon Lake in Bucharest.

Just imagine the following hypothetical scenario. A highly qualified scientist from an English-speaking country, a leading figure in his field of research, is thinking about accepting a highly lucrative job offer, a four-year contract with a major company based in Bucharest. During the last meeting with his potential employer, all his questions about relocation, accommodation and other things have been answered to his satisfaction, and even beyond – with one exception. “Are there any international schools in this area?” the father of two teenage girls and a young boy asks. The answer – in a nutshell – is “no”. He very much cares about his children and their education; he knows what his wife would say about their children not being able to enjoy an international education – so he declines the job. In the end the scientist accepts a job offer from another company in Europe, situated in a city with several schools that offer an international English-speaking education. The first company, annoyed about having missed yet another opportunity to employ one of the brightest scientists around, announces the move of its headquarters to another country, resulting in job losses locally.

As mentioned, this is a very hypothetical scenario. However, the fact that very few schools in Bucharest currently offer programmes outside the Romanian education system is undeniably a major factor for expats when deciding whether to accept a job offer from companies located here. And the most widely known of these schools is the International School Bucharest – or ISB, as most people call it. “And the demand for international education is growing”, says Faruk Erduran, Director at the ISB.


Not-for-profit organization


Faruk Erduran, the Director of ISB points out that “International School of Bucharest is a non-profit day school providing a British style of education for children aged 2.5 to 19 years”.

Back in 1996 when ISB was founded, it had only 17 students. At that time there were not many expats living in the area, so the ISB started with “just a handful of pupils”, says the current ISB director. As the demand grew with the influx of expats, so did the school.

Established in 1996, authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Education and accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), associate member of Council of British International Schools (COBIS), approved EDEXCEL and Cambridge Examination Centre, International School of Bucharest provides a complete and high standard educational programme for students from ages two and a half to eighteen.

ISB operates on a new purpose-built campus situated in Bucharest, Sector 3, 1R Sos Gara Catelu.  Over 44 nationalities are represented among its 800 students. Our school follows the Cambridge Curriculum for Primary and Secondary and offers International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) and international A-Level Diploma programme which allow our graduate students to apply and be admitted in prestigious universities worldwide, including Romania. English is the language of teaching at ISB and the majority of our teachers are native English speakers.  For further information on the school please access www.isb.ro






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