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January 17, 2022

Hidroelectrica: Ample technological upgrade of hydropower plants

  • The company puts an end to practices that were deleterious for the Romanian state, practices through which foreign companies were awarded contracts through procedures that lacked transparency


At the ceremony occasioned by the signing of the contract on the technological upgrading of the Stejaru hydropower plant, Remus Borza, the representative of the EuroInsol trustee in bankruptcy, pointed out that this year Hidroelectrica starts a wide-ranging national-level program on upgrading the technology of its operational hydropower plants. This process will take place through tenders in which Romanian companies will enjoy the same freedom of access enjoyed by other EU companies.

“We are here today in order to mark a moment in which Hidroelectrica has won its independence from these big three that have continuously been awarded state contracts since the 1990s. And I will name them: Andritz, Voith and Alstom. Today we have a 13-company consortium that won this contract fair and square, through a competitive procedure,” Borza said, being quoted by Agerpres.

He added that after 1997 wide-ranging contracts were awarded directly without going through a transparent and competitive procedure and the company now has serious technological upgrade problems at Iron Gates-I and Iron Gates-II as well as on the lower Olt River.

“This moment today puts an end to the practice of awarding [contracts] to companies without going through tenders, and at exorbitant prices,” Borza explained. The Romtelectro SA – Litostroj Power DOO won the tender for the technological upgrading of the Dimitrie Leonida – Stejaru hydropower plant, with an offer of EUR 74.996, VAT not included, an offer that is 32 per cent below the value of the project estimated in 2011.

According to Hudroelectrica, the two large companies were joined by Romanian and foreign subcontractors such as SSH Hidroserv SA, Energomontaj SA, Electroservice RB SRL, Electroechipament Industrial SRL, General Design Tech SRL, ISPE SA, Energoconstruct SA, Concret Construct SRL, Mecania IND 2004 and Blansko Engineering AS (Czech Republic).

From 2012 to 2014, Hidroelectrica invested over EUR 270 M in new electricity production units. For 2015-2020, the company has earmarked an investment budget of over EUR 1.3 bln according to company officials.

Of that EUR 1.3 bln sum, EUR 450 M are earmarked for ongoing projects (Racovita, Bretea, Rastolita, Siriu-Surduc, Dumitra-Bumbesti). Approximately EUR 305 M are earmarked for the technological upgrading of 4 large-capacity hydropower plants – Stejaru (with a capacity of 210 MW), Vidraru (220 MW), Raul Mare Retezat (335 MW), Mariselu (220 MW) – and for the modernization of hydro-aggregates, and EUR 240 M are earmarked for maintenance works.

Almost EUR 300 M represent investments in new renewable production capacities (wind, solar, biomass).


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