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December 1, 2021

Inscop poll: 75.7pct of Romanians believe NATO membership protects against security threats

As many as 75.7 per cent of Romanians agree that NATO membership protects Romania against national security threats, while 45.9 per cent of them expect the US to be Romania’s main ally in case of such threats, according to the findings of a recent Inscop poll released on Monday at the request of Adevarul daily.

The Inscop opinion barometer also reveals that 10.8 per cent disagree with the statement, and 13.5 per cent did not know/did not answer.

Asked about how Romania should react amidst the recent threats against Romania coming from Russian state officials, 57 per cent of the respondents believe Romania should coordinate its reactions with those of its NATO and EU allies; 23.2 per cent believe Romania would be better off not to react at all, while 8 per cent believe it should react to Russia on its own and using similar terms; 11.8 per cent of the respondents gave non-answers.

As many as 45.9 per cent of the respondents expect the US to be Romania’s main ally in case of threats against national security; 16.7 per cent expect Germany to be such an ally; 4.9 per cent picked France; 3 per cent – Moldova; 2.8 per cent – Italy; 1.6 per cent – the UK; 1.1 per cent – Spain; 0.7 per cent – Russia; 0.6 per cent – China; 0.6 per cent – Poland; 0.4 per cent – NATO; 0.4 per cent – Hungary; 0.4 per cent – Ukraine; 0.3 per cent – Bulgaria; 0.3 per cent – the UE; 0.1 per cent – India; 4.9 per cent of the respondents did not mention any country, while 15.3 per cent of them provided non-answers.

Likewise, 43.8 per cent of Romanians feel the US to be currently the closest nation to Romania; 21.6 per cent feel the same about Germany; 6.6 per cent about Moldova; 6 per cent about France; 3.4 per cent about Italy; 1.5 per cent about the UK; 1.2 per cent about China; 1 per cent about Spain; 0.6 per cent about Russia, and 1.2 per cent about other country. As many as 13.2 per cent of the respondents did not know/did not answer.

The poll also reveals that 64.6 per cent of the population believe Romania to be a rather Western country; 20 per cent of them see it as a rather Eastern country, and 5.3 per cent do not know/do not answer.


The poll was commissioned by daily Adevarul and conducted by Inscop Research, April 23-30, on a sample of 1,085 representative respondents aged 18 years and above. It carries a maximum error margin of plus/minus 3 percentage point and an accuracy rate of 95 percent. The findings were collected using questionnaires filled by pollsters at the respondents’ residence.


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