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June 28, 2022

Senate’s vote in Dan Sova case:to repeat it or not?

Premier on the case of Senator Dan Sova: ‘For me, it’s very difficult to understand’


Prime-Minister Victor Ponta said he was surprised by the fact that Senator Dan Sova, his party colleague, was not sent to trial, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutor insisting for his arrest instead.

‘Mr. Sova has asked to be referred to Court and the prosecutor refused and said he wanted to keep him under arrest instead. For me, it’s very difficult to understand’, Victor Ponta said on Digi24 TV on Monday. He added that he had been a prosecutor himself and that he had never seen anything like that. The PSD leader refused to indicate the position the Social-Democrats would adopt in the Sova matter.

The Speaker of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, was asked on Monday what was going to happen in the Sova case after the Senate decision had been ruled unconstitutional and the Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Ioan Chelaru (PSD), said the vote might be repeated. Tariceanu, on the other hand, does not seem as certain about that and prefers to wait for the CCR argumentation and a decision from the Legal Affairs Committee.

‘We have a CCR decision that says the decision is unconstitutional. We will need to see the argumentation of the Court and then a series of procedures are set in motion. There is a Legal Committee that will be notified and that will make a proposal before the plenary session of the Senate who will decide what to do. The Parliament operates by rules, there are people with specific competences,’ Tariceanu said on TVR.

Asked what he thought about the fact that PNL was urging him to resign for the manner in which he had managed the vote in the Sova case, Tariceanu answered, amused: ‘When I hear them asking for my resignation I imagine myself as some sort of tyrant who shuts the senators’ mouth and they follow my indications’.


Cristian Bodea: PSD ‘thoroughly control’ the repeated ballot in the case of Dan Sova


PNL Senator Cristian Bodea declared on Monday that Liberals want the Senate to reach a decision of approving preventive arrest in the case of Dan Sova and if PSD does not agree, this new decision may be appealed at the Constitutional Court, to see whether it follows the Constitution.

‘Basically, we want a positive decision (of preventive arrest in the case of Dan Sova, editor’s note). So far, PSD attempted two decisions, one of them was avoiding a decision, we appealed it and the Constitutional Court decided that they have to reach a decision. Then, they tried a negative decision. It did not work either. The Court said it was not good. Now, they should also try a positive decision, that is to approve preventive arrest’, Bodea declared.

He suggested Social-Democrats to attack the positive decision at the Constitutional Court, if they disagreed with it, and to let the Court decide whether that decision was constitutional or not.

“Let them appeal at CC if they think it is wrong, and let the Court say whether a decision of approval, based on the Constitution, is good or not.”

The Liberal Senator accused Social-Democrats that they want to avoid repeating the ballot in the Sova case.

“They are running away, they want to hide from repeating the ballot, and they will thoroughly control it, in order to defend Dan Sova properly and definitively this time”, Cristian Bodea mentioned.

The PNL Senator also added that, if the procedure is restarted in the Sova case, it may be solved in one week, adding that “PSD will hurry to get rid of this skeleton in its closet”.

On Monday, the argumentation of the Constitutional Court decision admitting PNL’s claim regarding the decision of the Senate in the matter of the detention and preventive arrest of PSD Senator Dan Sova has been published in the Official Journal. The Senate therefore must decide on how the CCR decision will be enforced. At this point there are two options: either the Senate organises a new vote or reinterprets the vote given on 25 March.

The Sova case is a premiere, the Legal Committee being put in difficulty ever since the scandal had started by the fact that the number of votes for the arrest was enough according to the Constitution, but insufficient under the Senate Regulation. Afterwards, the Regulation was brought in agreement with the Constitution, but the vote had already been given.

PSD Senator Dan Sova is accused on three counts of being an accessory to malfeasance in office. Investigators took this action in the case concerning the contracts that Sova’s law firm signed with the Turceni and Rovinari energy centres.


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